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Trevor goes to see Sarah at work and gives her a scavenger-hunt sort of clue involving a candy bar, sorbet, a banana, and eventually Jack, who's out in the back lot, doing a Dylan-esque thing with lyrics on cue cards, as Trevor holds his boom box (not a euphemism). Some rotten little punks ride by on their skateboards and knock his cards out of his hands, just as he's getting to the part about asking Sarah on a date. Those rotten little punks are the two too many men in Sarah's life -- her sons Adam and Ben. Commercial.

The kids try to teach Trevor to skateboard as Jack takes a moment to adapt to the idea that she has kids. He'd say anything was cool with him, just to get a date with her. That night, Trevor baby-sits Adam and Ben, because mothers are so cool with letting total strangers watch their kids, on the recommendation of other strangers (Felix served as his fake reference). Trevor tells Adam (Kid A) to get his ladies on the line. "We've got a bottle for spinning. Kid B, you can watch." Rob, I don't think you want me to be thinking Trevor intends to make out with thirteen year old girls, along with Kid A, but that's what's happened in my brain, just now. Make it stop! Make it stop! He doesn't, but Kid A does. He's not interested in getting his new, ginormous babysitter hot and bothered, either vicariously or not, so he says he's just going to his room. Good choice, Kid A. Kid B, though, he expects to be entertained. Have fun, Trevor!

On their date at some club, Jack entertains Sarah with all sorts of stories about the concerts he's been to, a road trip he once took, and the rock and roll lifestyle, while Sarah clues him in on the realities of becoming a teenaged parent, and single motherhood. Her boys are her favorite people on the planet, but she sure wouldn't mind having just one night off from being a mom. Yo, Sarah, you're out on a date, without them. Make hay while the sun shines, girl!

Just then, a singer takes the stage at the club. Good thing Sarah mentions that it's Roberty Harrison of Future Clouds and Radar, because I honestly and truly thought it was Kato Kaelin and was just going to shut off the TV and beg Angel to take this episode, too. Get on your knees and thank God for your narrow escape, Ms. Cohn. Harrison dedicates "Build Havana" to Sarah (on Jack's behalf). They hold hands and we cut to...

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