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When Trevor and Jack talk privately, Jack's afraid he won't be able to relate to Sarah's kids, so Trevor shows him their bedroom, which Jack says is just like his own as a kid. "A rock and roll shrine." Trevor tells Jack that if he can't relate to these boys, he isn't trying hard enough. Adam strolls in, picks up his guitar, and tells Jack he was a fan of his show. "But now, it sucks. [...] It's not your fault you can't play what you want." He wants to know how Jack can justify staying with the station now that it's gone corporate. Jack gives him all the usual grown-up reasons (it pays the rent, etc.). Adam seems to get it, and Jack seems to connect with him on a real level. If he and this kid can do that in a 30 second scene, why haven't Trevor and Claire managed the same in six episodes? Pixie dust.

Claire's Office; Daytime: Peter comes by to update Claire on the success of the survey. He notices a book about Tamara de Lempicka lying on her table, and they bond over Art Deco and their dorkiness. (Is Art Deco dorky, now? Since when?) Peter reveals that he too filled out a questionnaire. "A chef has to taste his own food, right. Maybe you should try it." Claire's not sure about that. Yeah, don't waste your time, Claire. Just go on a date with a machine, now. You could put a whole new spin on computer dating.

Sarah's House: Jack tells Sarah their names are on the list for a surprise Elvis Costello performance that's happening in 90 minutes. Trevor's standing by to baby-sit, but Sarah can't go. There are science fair projects to be done. Oh, bullshit. I have three kids. My two boys are just about the same age as Sarah's boys. Unless she's an utter tool (and she's supposed to have the soul or a free spirit rocker, right) she should have learned by now not to be one of those parents who do their kids projects for them. Unless you've failed to get them the materials they need, you should be good to go, Sarah. Tsk. How disappointing. Jack doesn't see it, though -- which I get. Dude's too thrilled that his stalking has been framed as romance to rock the boat. Don't tip the boat over.

We're then treated to a montage of Jack working his way into the family, and helping with projects, then we see him at work, interviewing a vacuous blonde songstress who's next single is "ROFL." LOL. Barf. Jack's former listeners stand outside the station with signs that read things like, "What happened Jack?" Then we flash back to more warm family moments and then back to work, where Jack refuses to go out with the guys because he's got obligations, now.

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