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Tres Equis: Jack tells Trevor about a job offer from an old co-worker, Clifford, in Seattle. He hopes to keep things going with Sarah and ask her and the kids to move out there. Trevor says, "Excuse me, is this your first day?" He explains that Sarah and the kids' lives are here and if Jack wants them, he's got to dig into the ground and settle in. He's not wrong. Commercial.

Sarah's: Jack is out of sorts when he arrives (late) at Sarah's and you can see him straining under her family ties, but he tries to get himself over it. Then Adam asks him to come to Career Day at his school the next day. Adam's a cool customer and can tell Jack's starting to waiver, so he assures him he doesn't have to start tossing a football around with him or giving him sex talks. "Unless you need one." Ha. Again, Jack relaxes and plays along with Adam's approach, and then agrees to go to his school. Adam's thrilled because his friends don't believe he knows Jack. Sarah brings him a sandwich. Jack takes a deep breath, and relaxes. You can almost see him digging into the ground, so when his cell phone rings and it's Clifford, he doesn't even take the call.

The next day, Jack tells Trevor he's got three good reasons to stay and isn't going to Seattle. But he takes way more time than is prudent gathering materials to bring to Career Day. He sort of seems to be setting himself up to miss it -- setting himself up for failure. Trevor keeps trying to get him moving, but Jack's head is too far up his own ass to see anything but his colon. Once they're finally on the move, their train gets stuck. Jack tries to call (Sarah, I guess) but his cell phone can't get a signal underground. They arrive at the school long after it's out. Later, at Jack's place, Jack tells Trevor he's called Sarah ten times, and that "she's made the decision not to answer." Trevor tells him to try again, so he does, and they hear a phone ringing outside Jack's door. It's Sarah. She's been standing outside for a long time, trying to figure out whether or not she should knock. Trevor leaves so they can get to the making up. Jack apologizes for missing Career Day, but Sarah's not impressed, since he talks "for a living" -- which was a great line. She and her boys need a man who shows up. Jack admits that at first, he didn't know how to deal with the fact that she wasn't a rock and roll nomad like him, but now he can't wait for pizza night and yeah he's fallen in love with her. She totally got taken in by the talk. Her boys are at karate and then going to a friend's house for a sleepover, so they kiss and make up and Sarah stays at Jack's for a sleepover, too. Looks like Ben was right. Mommy doesn't always come home. I wonder if he's locking himself in the friend's bathroom and peeing his pants, just on instinct.

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