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First-Time Caller, Long-Time Listener

After the lovin', Sarah lounges in Jack's bed. He's out of the room when the call from Clifford comes in on his machine. In his message, Clifford tries to tempt Jack into taking the offer and Sarah hears every word. Pixie dust.

Tres Equis: Jack is there putting a load on. "Sweet Jane" broke up with him. After the commercial, Jack explains Sarah believes there are only two possibly endings to their romance, both tragic: either he'll eventually leave or, or he'll stick around and resent her. She wouldn't listen when he tried to convince her that life with her and the boys is all he wants. Trevor tries to encourage Jack, but when Jack's too drunk and negative (and possibly looking for an out), Trevor gets tough with him. "If you're ready to quit that easily, maybe Sarah was right to cut you loose, before you broke her heart." He grabs his coat and leaves Jack stewing in his own juice and Felix's hooch.

Sarah's house: Ben wants to hear Jack on the radio, so he turns into WSCR -- Soulless Corporate Radio, even though Adam and Mom want him to turn it off. The new, female DJ tells a caller that Jack hit the road a couple of weeks ago, so Sarah snaps off the radio and is all see, he's probably sleepless in Seattle right now. Then she realizes she's not the only one missing Jack, and apologizes to Ben. He can't have a new Daddy, but he can pick the radio station in the car. See Ben, isn't that all better?

Book-Em Soho: Peter walks in and orders a coffee and a croissant, but Claire took the last one. She confesses that she too filled out a DateWell questionnaire. And they flirt about how suggestive he can be. How come Paulson can't have this kind of chemistry with (the way more charismatic) Cannavale? Anyhow, Peter has the questionnaire results in his man purse, and he's just about to dig them out when a woman comes in. I wonder if she's that Kelsey person. Whoever she is, she's chewing gum and wearing a black and white pseudo-leopard print jacket and a cleavage-y red top, hoop earrings, and boldish lipstick, so we'll automatically see she's not the same quality of woman Claire is. She verbally assaults Peter and tips Claire off to his silver tongue and wandering eye all in one shot. "Too busy for a second date, but not too busy for a frickin' pastry, eh?" She slaps his face and then sneers. "True connection? When you know, you know? Let's welcome the dawn. You sleazy lying creep." The pastry line was lame, but the slap was fun enough I'm going to ignore that. She sweeps out, and Claire looks at Peter in disbelief. "Let's 'welcome the dawn'?" Peter is sheepish as he asks if they can pretend the last 40 seconds never happened. Claire says, "Noooo, but we can forget about all the time leading up to it." He understands, which is big of him, don't you think? He hands Claire her DateWell results. She takes a look at them and shakes her head. "Oh, no." So apparently, her match's pseudonym is something like NUMBA1LUVGOD. Oh, Claire. Why did you wait until the last few minutes of the season (and let's get real, likely series) finale to become somewhat likeable and relatable? We cut to...

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