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Felix and Trevor's Place: Trevor slowly reads Tamara de Lampicka off Felix's computer screen. That's the name of Trevor's supposed match. Huh. It seems this show is trying to tell us Claire and Trevor would be a good match. Imagine that! Why didn't you say so before, Show? Trevor asks Felix if Tamara is a hot girl's name. Felix has known two. "It can go either way."

Sarah's Supermarket: Sarah arrives at work to be greeted by a worried co-worker who asks her if her cell phone is off. When she realizes the battery is dead, the co-worker tells her about these things called chargers. They're a modern miracle. Or maybe she just tells her Ben's school called. "They've been trying to reach you for an hour. He's locked himself in the boys' bathroom. Again." Sarah's off. Don't forget to bring Pissy Pants some dry clothes, Sarah!

The School: When Sarah gets to the office, she finds Jack sitting with Ben. She peeks through the window as Jack seems to be playing air guitar for the kid. It seems Jack didn't leave town, just WSCR. Ben called Jack on his cell phone, and he came as soon as he heard. And hey, Sarah did bring him clothes. Tell me, does this kid wet his pants while locked in the bathroom, or can he just not make it there? It must be the latter, right? Because his mother would have strangled him by now if it was the former. Whatever, at his age, he is never going to live that down at school, Daddy Issues or not. Yikes.

When Ben goes to change, Jack and Sarah talk. He explains he didn't go to Seattle because he thinks New York still has a whole lot to offer. He figures if he can make himself happy, then he'll spread some joy. Sarah asks how that's working out for him. I ask what that pays. Jack says he'll get his answer soon enough. Let me know, Jack. They look at each other all twitterpated and we cut to...

Claire's: Trevor gloats that Jack and Sarah are going to work out. Claire reminds him that's because they have common interests. Trevor doesn't care. He's off to see Jack, Sarah and the kids at "their grand opening" and asks Claire to accompany him. When she's all, "Me, now?" Trevor says, "Can we not pretend you have any other plans?" Claire deadpans, "I'll get my purse." As he puts on his coat, Trevor notices the books on Claire's occasional table. Lying on top is that one featuring the Art Deco work of Tamara de Lempicka. DO YOU GET IT? Trevor does, so he smiles and we cut to...

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