A Constant Throb

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A Constant Throb

Outside, Charlie is messing around with the mail when Bullock rides up, full steam and clenching. "What's going on, Charlie?" he asks, and for once, Charlie doesn't have the words.

In their room at Shaunessey's, Jane and Joanie are talking over their day, undressing for bed. They congratulate themselves on their good job, protecting Sophia from Hearst's potential attack. Jane, somehow, is drunk, and tells a long, winding story of dream she had the night before. In it, she's as clamoring up a creek bank ("often required of a drunk") when she comes upon Charlie. He tells her, in the dream, that this is the night that Bill is to be killed. She asks why he has to remind her of that, when her life is miserable enough. He reminds her, though, that the same night, she was frightened by Al in Doc's cabin and later spirited Sophia away where they sang her to sleep. "'Now,' Charlie says to me," she says, "'don't you understand what I'm trying to tell you? Any evenings in your life you made mistakes, remember where even evenings you was as most ashamed as you ever thought you could ever be are able to wind up, and don't fucking only remember the middle of the dream!'" She says, if she had analyze the dream, it would surely have something to do with Joanie sending Mose to find her to help walk the kids to school...Joanie is trying to follow all this, but soon Jane's brilliant, boozey plan is revealed. All she wants is for Joanie to kiss her again. It makes her feel safe. She can't say it, outright, but I think that's what she's saying, and I guess Joanie does, too. Once again, they kiss, and I don't want to seem unromantic, but maybe Joanie does to make her shut up.

At the Bullock's house, things are tense. Martha gingerly lays out the evening's dinner while Sol rambles on about some stuff he'd done for the livery, in the absence of any new owner. "I went ahead and reordered hames he says, though Bullock is only half-aware he is even present. As Sol continues on, Bullock clenches in every single direction -- for his one line in the entire episode, Olyphant certainly steals this scene -- he is so full of emotion over what has happened, he's hardly breathing. Tentatively, Martha takes her seats and looks at them. "Let us give thanks," she says, and bowing their heads, they pray.

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