A Constant Throb

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A Constant Throb

Back at the hotel, that cocksucker is strolling back inside. "Oughtn't someone look out for who fired?" he drones and E.B, ever prepared to play both sides, sends Richardson to look into it. Oh, yes. Richardson is perfect for that job. He's quite the detective. At the troupe's table, the Countess asks her boss what happened. Langrishe: "The business of others."

Alma's visit to the Gem has caused quite a stir among the employees. Not enough of a stir to get them to put their clothes on, mind you, as is evidenced by one of the girls standing in the saloon completely topless. A bit much, wouldn't you say? I mean, what is it, eight in the morning? Does the joint get that much business from the breakfast crowd? Mrs. E is flabbergasted by this entire turn of events and sits, breathing heavy. "Shall we review the biddin' in my fuckin' office?" Al asks, as politely as he can. "I need to take off my corset," Alma answers, breathless and choking. Al shakes his head and assures her that "no one objects to that, here."

Mrs. Bullock is happily sorting the school kids when she sees Adams arrive outside the window. One of the boys stares out at their sudden visitor, but Adams sternly motions for him to turn back around and pay attention. Martha is confused by his presence but doesn't protest. (Who would?! Come stand outside my schoolhouse any time, Titus Welliver.) From her window across the street, Joanie watches all of this go down.

After nearly three seasons, Al has Alma right where he wants her -- in his office. She is still freaked out, and in his own way, Al is trying to comfort her. "Easily as it could have been some hooplehead, not knowing who or what he was shooting at," he remarks, "it's likely prudent to credit you as the target." Alma agrees as he pours them a round of shots. "If I'd been aimed at, of course," he jokes, "dozens of authors would need be considered." Still breathless, she agrees to that statement as well. Al sighs. "So I know someone's in there," he crabs, "vary your replies, such as, 'Yes, and I'd be one of them.'" To this, she can't agree. She raises her whiskey to him. "That wouldn't be very grateful of me," she says, downing the shot and gasping at the strength of it. Al has a moment of real sympathy. "It's horrible being shot at," he commiserates. "Never gets no better." They are interrupted by Trixie's arrival. "What the fuck?" she asks, rushing in. Al tells her to sit with the shell-shocked Mrs. E and Trixie follows him out for a quick consultation, asking who the fuck shot at Alma. "Who the fuck knows?" Al says, obviously stressing. "Hearst? Her first husband's family? They both work with the fuckin' Pinkertons. Maybe they're now allied...just you fuckin' look after that one 'til matters clarify." Dan comes upstairs, all suited up (with a tie!) for his rescheduled trip to Cheyenne.

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