Amalgamation And Capital

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Amalgamation And Capital

In Mrs. Garret's room, we see that she is knitting, gripping those two sticks pretty authoritatively, while Ellsworth recaps what happened over at the hardware store when Martha suggested he go get Alma. Alma wonders what Mr. Bullock said to Mrs. Bullock, and gives Ellsworth a hard time over whether or not Clench got clenched up over the suggestion that she visit, and plumbs the poor man's depths over why Martha insisted she come. Ellsworth is clearly hating this errand, and yet Alma persists. God, I love this woman. And her bitchiness, and her privilege, and especially her effing fabulous dresses. Clench doesn't even deserve her!

Okay, deep breath. Ellsworth takes one, too, and broaches the marriage issue. Alma is quick with him, acknowledging that she knows he is still hanging but that she hasn't yet made up her mind. She then looks down at the sticks she's manhandling. Anyone else sense a pattern developing?

Back at the hardware store, four people obviously at ease with one another share a midday meal, taking a long-needed break from their arduous duties around town. Or, let me rephrase that: four people horribly uncomfortable with one another share an oppressively somber meal from which they hope to soon escape. Yes, that's it. Martha invites Trixie to the table seemingly for the second time, but Trixie says no thank you. Apparently she "tend[s] to forego the midday meal," which is just another way of saying "usually I'm busy giving handjobs and shooting up at noon." Sol and Trixie share a very sweet look.

Martha, displaying incredible Corporate Conflict Management skills, brings up that she'd like to reopen a "constructive" discussion about her desire to become schoolteacher once Alma gets there. Bullock clenches out an "I'm delighted" just as Johnny walks into the store to tell Bullock Al wants to see him. Bullock puts him off, and Johnny nervously waits just outside the door.

Out in the street, Tom tells William tall tales: "A man tying the right rope to the frame and the other end to a thunderhead, could use the machine to tow clouds." Can I tell you how much I love thinking about bicycles as "machines"? William says he wishes he was taller, and Tom assures him that "when your legs lengthen, I calculate you'll be one of the great cloud haulers of the world." William cutes back to Tom that he just wants to be able to ride as well as Tom did yesterday, to which Tom responds in his best fairytale voice, "The Bella Union gap was my crucible, William, the fabled mud slick." All right, we get it. Real fuckin' wholesome, now can we move along?

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