Amalgamation And Capital

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Amalgamation And Capital

And we do move along, as Steve suddenly appears, lurking around Tom and William, and now we all know it's on like Donkey Kong. Somebody's getting dead and soon.

Back at the hardware store, Alma and Sophia march in like the bitches they are. Yeah, I called Sophia a bitch, what of it? Martha extends her hand in congratulations on the bank venture, and the camera annoyingly shows us the reaction of everyone in the store, making us think that Alma might bitchily refuse her hand, only to pan down and show that they've been clasping hands during the entire conversation. Alma thanks Martha for taking up the education of the camp's children, and look at that, so easy peasy, no need to clench, Sheriff!

Trixie asks Alma if she'd like a "bite of meat," to which Alma responds by giving her the Ice Man front-teeth chomp and then saying, "No, thank you, I've had my fill of the meat in this camp. I've found it tough and unsatisfying and strangely self-important." Or, maybe I just wish she had said that.

Back out on the street, more bicycle mythology, and I'm sorry, I just don't have it in me to deal with it right now. Tom starts to ride the bike off, and as far as I can tell no handlebar calibration has occurred and Tom basically just invited a kid to come watch him have fun on a bike. That just doesn't seem fair to the youngster. Steve leers at the two joking around with one another and utters an obscure "Great." William, small and alone on the rough street, watches Tom ride off.

Back in the hardware store, Alma kneels in front of the safe and declares that "This all seems very much in order." You might want to take that statement with a grain of salt, seeing as it's coming from a woman who earlier this morning didn't recognize her own initials. Trixie pulls a nugget of gold out of her bosom and places it on the scale, declaring herself "first depositer." And, you know, damn it if towns aren't built on the backs of the poor and the whores. Sol balances the scales, if you know what I mean, and Johnny pokes his nervous head in to let Bullock know that it'd "save [him] a beating" if he clenched on over there quickly. Cut to Martha, cut to Alma, cut to Bullock who's nervous about leaving the ladies together.

The Bella Union. Tess is on her knees underneath a table, and as the camera pans right, we realize why. She has apparently not given up on the meat in this town, even though it is disgusting and named Mose and making impossible demands on her. I'm just going to skip the whole "sounds like she's got a mouthful" thing. If you watched the scene, it's burned in your memory. If you didn't, say a quick prayer of thanks. Wolcott stands next to Cy, obviously disgusted and agitated, a combo we've learned is not good when it comes to Mr. W. Mose slams his hands on the card table and accuses the dealer, Leon, of cheating him, and things begin to escalate. Mose stands up and draws a gun, as Cy's gunmen train their weapons on him. Cy slimes out an attempt to appease Mose, who is now demanding to have "everything" back. Wolcott steps forward and asks if he means to include "youth, Mr. Manuel? And why not beauty?...Would you not have, too, your brother Charlie resurrected? Would you stipulate your envy of him be purged? Surely, you insist that Charlie retain certain defect," and so on. Wolcott just won't let up here, even as Mose's eyes get even more crazy, and I think we are witnessing just how psychopathic Wolcott really is. He desires not only control but to always speak some sort of ultimate truth, like an avenging angel, and he's scaring me.

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