Amalgamation And Capital

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Amalgamation And Capital

Mose cracks under the pressure of Wolcott's jeremiad and begins to raise his gun. He's promptly shot, three times in the chest, and though he continues to gasp for breath, I think it'd be a stretch of a medical miracle if he survives this.

Cy scolds Wolcott for being such a bad, bad boy and demands that he send for the doctor immediately, but Wolcott isn't having any of it. He informs Cy that he can have Lee burn down the Bella Union whenever he wants, and maybe Cy is beginning to regret getting so close so fast with such an unknown quantity. Wolcott instructs Jack to tell Bullock about what just happened before getting Doc Cochran.

Guitar strumming of anxiety begins to really swell in the background as we cut back to the hardware store, where Martha is teaching Sophia arithmetic by using, what else? a sausage cut into portions. And what of it? Sophia needs to learn the ways of the camp before it's too late and she gets a taste for the meat. Luckily right now Sophia only has a taste for candy, and she asks for some for having gotten the math problem right. Alma puts her best surprised face on and disingenuously remarks, "You ask a reward, Sophia, for doing your numbers? Where would you get such an idea?" And so we find that insane mothering competitions are perhaps not a twenty-first-century phenomenon.

Repetitious guitar strumming of impending death continues to play as Sol writes out a receipt for Trixie, who indicates that she should be put down as Trixie, "The Whore," then gasps in shock at having said that in front of Alma, a confusing reaction because Alma is fully aware that Trixie is a whore. In any case, Alma asks to sign the first receipt, which makes my feminist heart go pitter-patter. Jack comes by from the Bella Union to fetch Bullock.

On the street, Tom has apparently forgotten that he is in charge of a small child and goes cavorting off on his bike. As he passes William, Steve grabs the boy and tries to lift him onto the bike but misses. William laughs and Steve good-naturedly tells him they'll try again. Now get this, Steve yells out to Tom, who is now in full possession of the knowledge that the kid he's supposed to be watching is in the company of a certified NEEDS TO DIE hooplehead, and yet Tom continues to goof off on his beloved freakin' bike.

Cut to Hostetler's, where the writers have brushed the dust off our favorite black characters and trotted them back out for this important plot development. They're working on tying the horse down before they castrate it. Oooh, doesn't it all just come together? The sausage, the horse balls, gee, I didn't see this coming at all. The NG is too busy making meaningful comments to the horse about the right to vote, and I wouldn't mind so much if this show ever gave us a serious and complex storyline about African-Americans trying to make it on the frontier in the 1870s.

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