Amalgamation And Capital

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Amalgamation And Capital

So. Guitar strumming shifts into high-pitched string-picking as we start looking in on what everybody in the camp is doing. Bullock witnesses Iz signing the documents in Al's office. Steve tries to give William a coin, and when the boy refuses, Steve tells him it can be their secret and implies that it'd be okay if William tells his dad that Steve helped him on the bike. Tom continues to ride around on that bike like a DAMN FOOL. The horse escapes and starts tearing ass through the street.

Ping pingy ping the strings go as we return to Al's office, where Bullock's attention is turned away from Iz and toward the scene outside the window. He notices the commotion and moves toward the window. Tom's damn fool expression is wiped off his face as he watches the horse run toward him. Next, without the power of TiVo we don't see too much, but with the power of TiVo we can relive the horror over and over. The horse rounds a corner, and we cut to Steve, who grabs William and tries to get him out of the way. We get to see them knocked senseless from two vantage points, from behind the horse and from in front of the horse. It's the latter vantage that gives us the lovely image of a child's body getting flung across the dusty alley like a ragdoll. Hoo-fucking-ray.

Tom finally gets his fool ass off the bike and runs to the gruesome scene. Bullock seems to have witnessed what just happened from the window and rushes out, the folks in the hardware store notice that there is a commotion outside but don't know what about, and then we get an aerial shot of William's Crime Scene Body Outline position in the muddy street. Steve sort of humps himself up to his knees and mutters, "I think my back's broken," like, WHO CARES, STEVE? as Tom leans over William trying to find out if the poor kid is still breathing. All ain't well in Deadwood, folks.

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