Amalgamation And Capital

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Amalgamation And Capital

Al and Merrick continue their little chat while E.B. begins to get impatient outside. He finally knocks on the door and, after beginning to tell his story, is ordered inside by Al. While E.B. informs Al about Miss Iz's telegram and her unladylike rebuke, Dan saunters himself and his sexy beard in to give Al the letter from Mrs. Garret. Al multi-tasks, directing Merrick to put some distance between himself and the Gem for a few minutes, reads the letter, and tries to block out E.B.'s sniveling voice. Merrick pauses as he leaves, kind of like, "Hey guys! I'm cool! Can I hang with you?" No dice. Al wants Miss Iz and the Russian brought to his office. Hopefully the Dr. Al portion of this show is over. Oops, but no! Because Al then takes out a rag and wipes down his desk. WIPES DOWN HIS DESK. Seriously, bring this man someone to kill, because I was under the impression that he had bladder stones, not a Bad-Ass-ectomy.

Oh gosh, and now here we go. Someone is fumbling at my flinty little heart, and I think his name is Milch. Here's William, on the side of his house, unwrapping a little square of burlap to reveal a few sad looking seeds. Martha watches as he kneels down and begins planting them. He's shoving the seeds right up against some kind of lean-to, and I guess it's possible that you are supposed to plant sunflowers right next to some nasty, rusty structure, in the shadiest spot around. What do I know, I live in an apartment in Chicago and rarely leave the house. His little garden is pa-thetic, though. This whole scene makes me feel like I do when I pass those billboards with some adorable child's sad face splayed across it pleading that I not drink and drive because her father was killed by a drunk driver. I mean, it's true and sad and all, but COME ON. Anyway, the seeds. Being planted. William saved them from their old garden but only has three left. Did you guys get that? ONLY THREE SEEDS LEFT. Let's see, that's Mommy, Daddy, and Willy makes three. They're becoming a family! William wants to take Uncle Daddy lunch at the store! All right, already. Sheesh.

Thank the sweet lord, a scene full of grossness and depravity. Mose sits at a table in the Bella Union, gnawing on some sort of chop (from Wu's? Eek!), defending his version of his brother's death. Bullock and Charlie repeat the suspicious details about the timing of this "accident" but make no headway, obviously because they have not had a chance to study Vincent D'Onofrio's interrogation techniques on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

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