Amalgamation And Capital

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Amalgamation And Capital

Charlie nearly knocks the little Beans and Corn stand over as he stomps away, muttering again about "Mr. Amalgamation and Capital," causing Bullock to ask him, "What's the import of that expression." And my heart breaks into pieces when Charlie finally admits, "Do I look like I'd fuckin' know? Some big shot eastern magazine reporter interviewing Bill said that was what's changing things around." I want to run into my television and give Charlie a big hug and tell him that he doesn't have to know about Marxism or capitalism to know what's right and what's wrong when it comes to Wolcott. Charlie continues trying to set his house in order before he leaves by instructing Bullock to watch out for Jane and to not get "fucked up over Mose Manuel." He gives us a little bit more Cassandra predicting that Mose'll "be judge on hisself and jury, too."

The coach from Denver arrives just as Martha and William approach with lunch for Clench. Which makes me wonder, can he open his mouth wide enough to take a bite of bread, or is he on a liquid diet? Bullock wishes Charlie luck and goes to his family. Mrs. Garret watches all this from her window.

The Chez Amie. Jane is zonked out when Joanie enters in a new dress, but thankfully still in those divine boots. Joanie begins to pick up the bloody shattered glass from whacking Wolcott upside the head the previous evening. Jane rouses, and Joanie offers the use of her bath, which please, God, please make that happen. If only for poor Robin Weigert's sake in the make-up trailer. They make small talk about the building and whether or not Joanie plans on reopening the brothel. Joanie pauses and then hesitantly says, "Stay awhile, Jane. Be my guest. Favor me and stay." Jane waits a beat and then tells her, "I get top fuckin' dollar," which maybe brings up unpleasant imagery, but still marks the beginning of a fantastic friendship.

Jane climbs the stairs up to Charlie's place, where he is waiting with a variety of "I insult you because I love you" remarks for her about her alcohol consumption. Charlie really is tied up in knots, and good lord do I want to just cradle that little man and tell him things'll be all right. Jane tells him that when he returns he'll find that she's "moved out of this shitbox so I don't have to embarrass you or have you fucking hovering over me like the fucking ugliest nurse in the fucking universe." These two are totally like a mom and daughter going through separation anxiety. "You don't respect me, or the work I do for you!" "I hate you!" "You're ungrateful!" "Well, you're mean and terrible and I wish I was never born!" "Oh, baby, come here and hug me, I love you!" Jane grabs Bill's coat while Charlie asks her where she's going. When she tells him she's moving into the whorehouse, he seems pleased but wonders if that "indicates some fucking business arrangement." Jane retorts, "Yeah, I'm gonna be queen hooker. You're a keen fuckin' student of the human scene, Charlie." Hee. Jane pauses just before leaving to ask Charlie where he's going. He tells her he's decided not to tell her the specific destination. They say their passive-aggressive goodbyes and Jane declares that Charlie is "not only a fucking pain in the balls...but also the strangest person I ever met." Charlie tells her she'll "find no argument here" and we all can say in unison that Charlie Needs a Break.

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