Amalgamation And Capital

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Amalgamation And Capital

Star and Bullock's Hardware Store. William cozies up next to Trixie, supervising her accounting. Now I know in the forums some people thought this as evidence of Martha's lax mothering skills, but a sweeter thing I never saw. This is a hooker with a heart of gold, so mothers, let your children gather 'round! Actually the only thing I take away from this little moment is that William has a tendency to be a prick just like his Uncle Daddy, all upright and doin' his math core-rectly. Trixie notices this, too, saying that William is "vigilant to detail, like his pa," but I get the feeling she might really want to call him a "self-deluding, interfering motherfucker" like she did to Bullock a few episodes back.

The men install the safe and Martha gets the idea that the bank's backer, Mrs. Garret, might wish to be present at its opening. She totally has a point. I'm a little tired of everyone looking around the room all shocked at one another about this situation. I mean, sure, it's uncomfortable and all, but Trixie, you shot a man through the forehead and are currently employed as a spy on these nice people; Ellsworth, you witnessed Alma's husband's murder and kept mum about it; Bullock, you never even bothered to rig Alma's bed so it wasn't so damn squeaky; and Sol, well, Sol, will you marry me? Bullock sends Ellsworth to ask Alma if she wants to come. Ellsworth lets go of the rope and the safe thuds to the ground. Oh, Ellsworth, I'll marry you, too.

Trixie follows Ellsworth outside to have a word about the marriage she's trying to arrange. Let me interrupt myself and ask whether or not anyone else has noticed how much Ellsworth has cleaned up since we first met him last year. I mean, that man was like a step away from rotten-mouthed Jack McCall, and now he's all manicured beard, clean face, and leather file folders. After hearing that Alma hasn't given him an answer, Trixie asks, "How did the lady incline, fuckin' Ellsworth," to which my man responds, "I wouldn't guess, fuckin' Trixie." Trixie wonders if Ellsworth presented himself enthusiastically enough. She's clearly recently read He's Just Not That Into You. When she finds out that he's done all he could, she gets mad at Alma, wondering, "What's her fuckin' problem then? You're a worthy enough candidate given all her fuckin' givens." Awesome.

Al's office. He's got Miss Iz in with him, and he's telling her that Mrs. Garret had written to tell him that she'd betrayed her knowledge about Miss Iz being a Pinkerton the other day in the heat of an argument. He lays out her own position for her -- while she remains totally poker-faced -- predicting that she probably thinks he's sold himself over to Alma's side and that she'd probably wired the Pinkertons advising them not to make the planned deal with Al. Iz volleys back to Al that perhaps the Pinkertons want to keep the bidding open on Al's allegiance. He explains to her that he has a price just like everyone, but that the prospect of Alma's in-laws getting control of her claim and selling it to "third-party cocksuckers inimical to the whole of my interests in this camp" would mean that by going in with the Pinkertons, Al would be "buying allegiance against himself." I.e., it ain't happening, Iz.

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