Boy The Earth Talks To

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Boy The Earth Talks To
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All is quiet at the Gem this very early morning. Not a creature is stirring, except Mr. Wu, who slowly sneaks past the snoring guard -- one of Al's junior minions -- posted outside his door.

On his balcony, Al is enjoying his morning coffee while watching the stage drivers unload George Hearst's belongings from the coach. Aw, yeah. The Big Man is On Campus.

In Blasanov's telegraph office, Jarry is catching a few Zs, presumably waiting on a message. Blasanov's precious apparatus begins to buzz, causing the commissioner to leap up and read over his shoulder as he translates.

Meanwhile, Wu has made his way back to the alley, and some shit is going down. One of his guys strolls up and distracts Lee's huge henchman, while another sneaks up and stabs the dude in the back with an ax. Lee is on the scene in an instant and pulls out his gun to take a few shots to even the score. Wu comes running out of his place, freakin' pissed. He charges at Lee and grabs up a meat cleaver, yelling in Chinese, and staring down the barrel of Lee's gun. They have a little standoff. Wu has torn off his hat and fanned his hair out, warrior-style. You want to talk about East Coast v. West Coast? Here it is, for real: Wu with his cleaver and traditional dress, Lee with is Western suit and gun. It's about to get ugly, too, until Johnny happens to come around the corner, carrying a slaughtered pig on his shoulder. He sees Wu and jumps in, yelling "All Chinese but Wu stay put...or I'll blow your tall Chinese head off." He drags the screaming Wu to the back door of the Gem and calls for Davey to open the door.

Down the road, the Bullocks are quietly sitting down in front of their big picture windows for some morning coffee.

At the Bella Union, Leon has already arrived to give Cy the lowdown on the Chinese fight that just occurred. He tells Cy that Wu has reappeared. "Whence the fuck did Wu reappear?" Cy asks, and Leon says that it seems the guy just materialized. "From the clouds," Cy wants to know, "or some type conveyance?" Leon says that if he had to choose, he would say the clouds. He lays out the story of the showdown for Cy, and finishes by telling how Johnny dragged Wu over to the Gem. Now, this is interesting, Cy thinks, and he starts putting two and two together. Cy looks up to see one of his whores sitting in the corner, reading the Bible, just as Jack the bartender comes over to tell him that George Hearst has arrived in camp. Cy's pissed. "Some as don't know better," he says in frustration, "might mistake me for being on the outside, looking in." He catches the eye of the holy whore and adds, with heavy sarcasm that "then you got your idle snatch readin' scripture, and know there's still hope." Hee. Cy calls Con Stapleton into action to go over to the hotel and spy on Wolcott: he wants the inside story on any Hearst goings-on. Con says yessir and prepares to leave, pausing to glance up at the huge bison head mounted over the stairs. "Can the bison spare you?" Cy asks him. Con sighs. "Something," he answers, "strikes me fuckin' melancholy about that creature."

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