Deep Water

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Deep Water
It's another day in Deadwood as E.B. Farnum, proprietor of the Grand Hotel, makes his way to Mr. Wu's pig sty with a new delivery. He tries to disguise his load as being made up only of laundry -- he tells Wu to "washee," handing him a sheet -- but then reveals the body of Tim Driscoll, so brutally dispatched in the last episode.

E.B. points to Driscoll's body and tells Wu to have his pigs "eatee" the body. He also indicates that to "eatee" Driscoll's dog, who has joined them and is barking his head off, would be a good idea as well. Wu appears to be disgusted by this whole exchange. Well, as disgusted as a man can be who has flesh-eating pigs on his payroll. E.B.'s uncomfortable with the language barrier and tells Wu to "eatee him yourself, you leering heathen."

Al Swearengen's day has also begun. He throws off the sheets to take a piss in the pot. Here's the truth about history: It wasn't pretty. Every time I even remotely consider romanticizing a past era, my historian husband reminds me that to have lived then would have meant pissing in a pot in the corner of the room and leaving it to be dumped out later. That's all I need to hear, y'all. I bow at the throne of the modern...throne.

Al's obviously got a lot on his mind, already, and he just woke up. Trixie's gun is still on the bedside table, where she left it the night before. He picks it up, waking Trixie, and asking "is this for me?" She smiles, through all her bruises, and says yes, she brought it for him. He thanks her by ripping the sheet off her naked body and telling her to "get out." Not a morning person, Al.

Across the street, Seth Bullock is doing his morning shave. Sol comes in and invites him to breakfast, and Bullock clenches out that he'll meet him here. He's clearly in a mood today, probably due to having to shoot that guy last night. Incidentally, is it just me, or have they got Sol wearing a bit too much make-up? Or something. He looks on the cartoon side sometimes.

As a matter of fact, the Reverend Smith is taking care of that particular departed soul's funeral arrangements right now while the dead guy cools in the creek. (Yuck.) He tells Swearengen's henchman, Johnny, who is hanging out, that Bullock is a good man. Johnny comments that the guy they're about to put in that pine box might not share that opinion. The Reverend, however, won't be swayed -- Bullock himself is paying for the dead man's arrangements. Johnny asks if the Rev. knows the name of the not-so-dearly departed. The Rev. says that in the deceased's effects, he found a letter addressed to a Tom Mason. Johnny knows Tom Mason, and says that's not him in the creek. That's why, the Rev. says, he read the letter (after praying about it), and figured out that the corpse in question is that of Tom Mason's brother, Ned.

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