Here Was a Man

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Here Was a Man
When we last left the unfortunate citizens of the stinkiest town in the West, Wild Bill Hickok had finally turned his luck at the poker tables against Slimeball Jack McCall. In this episode, we open with Bill going yet another round over at Cy's place with his dirty little nemesis, and winning again. McCall is nonplussed. With Joanie as dealer, he sits amazed at his bad fortune, complaining that Bill is taking these hands through nothing but luck, rather than skill. Bill's nice about it, even sliding a bit of money over to Jack at the end, nicely telling him to get himself something eat. "All right," McCall says, with yet more surprise and even more stupidity, "I thank you for that kindness. You just bought yourself something with that." Every occupant of the joint is over ol' McCall at this point. Probably, they can no longer tolerate the odor, since the dirt on his face has reached Pigpen levels. Barely waiting for him to get out of earshot, Cy drones to Eddie that "some boys can't go near a cliff without jumping off."

Bill's still rolling his eyes when he slides Joanie a twenty-dollar tip, thanking her for her service. "Any idea for the rest?" she asks, suggesting service of a different kind. He says he believes he'll stay with cash, and heads out. Aw. It's heartwarming to think he's staying faithful to his new wife or something, until you see him wandering down the street to meet up with his man-crush, Seth Bullock. Too worn out to clench, Bullock is still working on the erection (oh...haaaa!) of his store, alone and in the cool of the evening. They exchange the pleasantries of two men who are clearly forming a mutual admiration society, and Bill asks if Bullock's all right with the nickname he's given him: "Montana." If that doesn't give y'all the gay vibe, I don't know what will. Anyway, Bullock says that he's fine with it, seeing as how the only other nickname he's ever had was "Sloth." (Except for "Clench," which he doesn't know that all of us have calling him behind his back. Shh!) Bill says "Sloth" doesn't quite seem to fit him, and as Bullock raises yet another beam in the store frame, it's difficult not to agree. "Choice was among the seven sins," Bullock explains. "Guess I got out before the others surfaced."

I like Timothy Olyphant and Keith Carradine together. Both of these roles are so macho-good-guy-misunderstood-hero...seeing them together somehow balances them both out to a manageable level.

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