Here Was a Man

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Here Was a Man

In his room above the Gem, Al is, ahem, relieving his stress with Trixie. Vigorously. Like to the point where I have to cover my dog's eyes.

But back at the Bella Union, no one has any relief. Andy is in the throes of a miserable fever. He is repeatedly moaning about the pain in his back and talking fevered nonsense. "Um," Doc says, "I'm gonna get you something to ease that." Looking on, Cy asks what Andy's got. Joanie is very worried. No one's saying so, but it's smallpox.

In her room at the hotel, Mrs. G is babbling to Jane and the squarehead girl about how her father was the best company when she was little. He refused to ever let her be sad. "Not permitted," she says. She goes on to tell about how, the night she was presented to society, he was able to attend only by "physically fleeing some dismal legal difficulty." Oh, man. Mrs. G has a Bad Dad. "In that sense," she says, "my marriage to Mr. Garret was a tremendous solution." This is beginning to explain a lot about Mrs. Garret. She quotes her father on her wedding day: "Darling," he told her, "I can never repay you for what you are about to do, but...I can repay everyone else." Oh, a really Bad Dad. She goes on to tell Jane that her father said that thinking of her in Deadwood with Brom was almost unbearable. Guilt-ridden, she reveals that her response was, "Maybe he'll die." Damn, Mrs. G. That's rough.The long day continues in Deadwood: Andy Cramed's fever develops apace; Al and Trixie have completed their, you know, relief; Bullock and Sol continue their pounding (not like that! of nails!) at the hardware store; and down at Nuttall's, Wild Bill Hickok is doing what he loves best -- playing poker. Behind him, the door to the saloon opens, and in his eyes, we see that he must "hear the thunder." Jack McCall walks up and, without a word, shoots him the back. Everybody freaks. McCall runs out, shouting a belated "damn you," and the men in the bar run after him. Nuttall himself overtakes McCall in the mud and gives him a good smack before dragging him up and into the thoroughfare. Everybody is running around, crazy, heading towards Nuttall's. Bullock and Sol see the commotion, and Bullock automatically heads toward it. Jane and Mrs. G watch from the window, and Jane feels the same pull and heads to the street. She finds the poker dealer who has come out and is watching the men surround McCall. She asks him what happened. "He shot Wild Bill Hickok," the man says, in disbelief. In shock, Jane wanders away. As if enough hell hasn't just broken loose, a rider suddenly charges into the thoroughfare, holding aloft the head of an Indian. I suppose he's come to make good on Al's bounty for the head of one of the bloodthirsty savages who allegedly attacked the squarehead family. He couldn't have picked a better moment to make his entrance.

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