Here Was a Man

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Here Was a Man

Nor should she. Seconds later, we see Dan behind the bar at the Gem, washing her husband's blood off his hands as he recaps this recent scene for Al. "She wouldn't have nothin' to do with me, Al," he says. "She told E.B. to have Doc go over the body." And speaking of E.B., he quietly asks Al if he thinks E.B. will figure out the real scheme about there actually being gold on the claim. Al says no, that E.B.'s too busy sniffing out what he can make being go-between on the sale between Al and Mrs. G. "Whereas you, Dan," Al goes on, "you showed foresight and loyalty, the way you handled making the find." Dan shrugs. "Just know when I'm out of my depth," he says. Aw, Dan. If your boss wasn't Satan, you'd be employee of the month.

Meanwhile, E.B. has walked the horse carrying the body over to Doc's cabin. He ain't happy about it. He tells Doc that Al wants the widow to leave camp with the least possible sour taste in her mouth about how her Brom has died. "Well," Doc smarts, "wouldn't you expect her husband's death to be sour on her tongue no matter how it happened?" Good one, Doc. But, you know, probably not, since Brom was a bit of a fop and not much more. E.B. has to point out the real issue: Al wants fate blamed for Garret's death, rather than himself. Down the road, a shirtless (hello) Bullock continues to work on the framework of his store. Sol arrives, saying good morning and asking when Bullock got up that day. "I didn't go to sleep," he answers, all sweaty. He shakes his head, telling Sol about seeing Brom Garret's body being led down to the Doc's cabin. Sol squints like he's sorry to hear that, before looking up to notice his friend's sweaty muscles...I MEAN...significant progress on the building. "Well," he says, smiling, "you weren't twiddling your thumbs all night, were you?"

Merrick the newspaperman is serving himself up a gross breakfast in the hotel when E.B. comes through with Doc, leading him upstairs to Mrs. G's room. Doc tries to give his condolences to the severe widow, but she interrupts him, asking point blank if her husband was murdered. "I was told he fell from a ridge," Doc says. "He had skull fractures consistent with that." He goes on that Brom had not been shot or strangled, and there were no other signs of foul play. "Leaving how he came to fall," Mrs. G says. Doc tells her he can give no opinion on that. She turns up the knob and locks it in at "haughty bitch," nodding and sighing: "And treating me, you were so full of opinion." She's busting him for so ostentatiously telling her last time they met that she needn't make up symptoms to procure laudanum for her addiction. She wonders if his normal opinionated nature is being dampened by "other considerations," or "other men." Meaning Al. Doc looks at her hard and slowly repeats that he does not know how her husband's skull got caved in. She winces at this as he goes on. "You're a bright woman, aren't you?" he says. "You must have gone through hell here." At this, he pulls out a new bottle of laudanum and, making his exit, tells her to go on home. Outside the room, he passes E.B., who foolishly asks, "What's her mood?" Heeeeee. Poor E.B.

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