Here Was a Man

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Here Was a Man

Al's thinking on those terms right now, actually, as E.B. kisses his ass, saying that watching him pull one over on Bill was a thing of beauty. Something in Al's manner, though, says he's not sure he came out the winner on that whole exchange. He tells E.B. that if Mrs. G doesn't show up with an offer in an hour, E.B.'s to pay a call on her.

At the bar, Ellsworth strolls up, orders a drink, and tells Dan to ask him the key to a long life. Dan says he'll buy the drink if Ellsworth tells him. "Same as a dog who keeps his nose," Ellsworth replies. "Don't poke it where it don't belong." Dan agrees that those are wise words. Ellsworth says that it's a hard lesson, but one he's thoroughly learned. Dan's starting to get curious now at all this expostulation, especially when Ellsworth goes on, "Something else I know. And my knowing it, and somebody else knowing it is two entirely different things." Dan says he's losing the trail of thought, here. Ellsworth drops the bomb. He saw "someone" get pushed off "a ridge," and he says if it means leaving camp to prove that he can mind his own business, he'd do it to avoid being killed. What he's asking for is fair warning, is all. Dan's concerned as he ponders this. "It's my whole philosophy and outlook," Ellsworth finishes. "Make use of it as you will."

Down at Nuttall's, McCall is once again stinking up the joint. He's wearing out the dealers with the story of his loss to Bill the night before in the Bella Union. "Miracle to me is," one of the dealers drones, "that you sit here bragging about it." McCall says he ain't braggin', and then drunkenly tries to smart off to them about Bill giving him a buck and sending him off for a meal, implying that if anyone else did that to him he'd shoot them. "I possess a fuckin' gun that I didn't bet," he says. The dealer tells him he'll buy the gun off him right now to give him a stake to start a new game up. McCall, however, declines. "No," he says, getting up to stagger out of the joint. "I believe not." The dealers sigh, and one of them says in just about the worst radio DJ voice I have EVER heard: "He, too, is Gooooood's handiwooooork." Like he's telling you to tune back in from 10 PM to midnight for the Quiet Storm, seriously. I have to rewind it several times -- some of the extras on this show must be cousins of the crew or something, because honestly, they kill me.Bill is over at the still-under-construction hardware store, getting ol' Goody-Two-Shoes Bullock to help out with the widow's reconnoitering (so, that's what the kids are calling it these days). Bullock says that he, too, is underqualified to do the job, and would have to bring someone over from Montana to do it. Sol asks if Mrs. G would wait that long, and Bill says yes. "She don't want to be stupid, or fooled," he says. "She wants to stand up for her husband better than he stood up for himself." Of course, he says, he doesn't think she should stick around in camp. Bullock says she could sign a proxy if she wanted to leave. He's close to taking the job. "There's her hundred in it," he says, "and what that saloonkeeper gave me if you'd want to take it on." Aw, Bill. He's not even keeping Al's bribe. We see Jack McCall skirting around while this conversation goes on, staring at Bill in a menacing way. The anvil looms ever closer. Bill says he figures Mrs. G's all right unless Al decides he's not going to pull off the scam. The underutilized Sol sighs, and says Mrs. Garret ought to be looking for a wagon. Bill and Bullock look at each other with barely concealed passion, for real, and Bill thanks "Montana" for the favor. I cringe on Keith Carradine's behalf for the continued forced use of the nickname.

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