Here Was a Man

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Here Was a Man

Back at the Bella Union, Andy Cramed is in bad shape up in his room. He's shaking and shivering on his bed when Joanie comes to the door with a bottle. He pulls himself together to answer the door, claiming to have fallen asleep before he could order his bath from the ladies. Joanie asks if he's "ready to meet some strange," and gets worried when she sees that Andy...ain't right. He admits that he is not well, and when she tries to take his boots off for him, tells her he doesn't think she should even touch him. "No girl in the world ever got sick pulling off a pair of boots, Andy," she says. "But if you want, I won't take more liberties." Downstairs, Cy and Eddie are hornswaggling Merrick, purchasing a crazy amount of advertising in his newspaper, enough to make his journalistic ethics flare up, until Cy gives him three months' payment in advance and offers him fifty bucks an issue. Merrick is struck dumb and can only ask, "Seriously?" Joanie comes down and breaks it to Cy that he was right, Andy is sick. Cy's pissed. He sends one of his goons out to get the Doc, telling him to claim someone "fell."

In her room at the hotel, Mrs. G is thanking Bill -- not like that! -- for being her emissary. He asks her when she expects to leave the camp. "I'm not certain," she says. He tells her that Bullock is honorable and that she can trust him to see to her interests. "He couldn't come more highly recommended," she says, as she tries to ward off the laudanum shakes that are now overtaking her. Wild Bill gets serious, and turns up his Old West flare to eleven: "You know the sound of thunder, don't you, Mrs. Garret?" She says that yes, she does. Hickok: "Can you imagine that sound if I ask you to?" She says she can. Bill says that he had this same talk with her husband, and that he told Brom to "head home to avoid a dark result." But, he goes on, "I didn't say it in thunder. Ma'am, listen to the thunder." A pile of awards should go to both of these actors for getting through this scene without snickering. I really, really hate to bag on it, because they both do a great job, but come on. Carradine gets the cheesiest lines, ever. Mrs. G looks appropriately sobered as Wild Bill makes his stiff exit, wishing her luck and accepting her gratitude.

Back at the Bella Union, Doc has arrived to see to this "fall" that has allegedly occurred. When he sees the guard Cy has posted outside Room 8, he knows something else is up. In his room at the hotel, Bill is writing a letter at his desk when Jane knocks on the door with the little girl. Jane is happy to report that the little girl's fever has broken. Bill says something sweet to her, and the girl answers in her native tongue. It sounds like, "Oh eh, mama-ee?" Bill smiles. "Did she just ask to borrow money?" he says, making Jane laugh. He updates her on his talks with Bullock, and she is glad that Bullock has agreed to take on the claim issue. They're all smiles having this quiet conversation, and it's sweet. Jane really loves him. She realizes that she's interrupted him in his privacy, and Bill says he was just finishing up a letter to his wife. Jane looks mortified, in that complicated way women have when they're in love with someone. "Why didn't you say something, damn you?" she asks, heading out with the little girl, and the shadow of the anvil is almost blocking out the sun as the two pause to tell each other "so long." Bill puts the finishing touches on his letter and stands, donning his dramatic red sash, preparing to go out.

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