Mister Wu

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Mister Wu
It's early morning at the hardware store, and Bullock is making notes while Sol impatiently waits to go to breakfast. "What was in my mind," Bullock grumbles about his recent appointment to the post of health commissioner, "to raise my hand?" Sol sighs, not caring about anything but breakfast, and chides Bullock into coming along to the Grand Central for some of E.B.'s finest. On the way there, Bullock talks about a proposal he's worked up for the health uses of the fees E.B. has been levying on businesses. Bullock doesn't have much confidence anything will be done with his suggestions, and E.B. confirms this when they arrive at the hotel. "Always glad to hear from the camp health commissioner," E.B. says with a smirk, and when he wanders off, Bullock resolves to also submit his proposal to the paper, so as to apply pressure to the mayor.

The mayor, by the way, is crossing the thoroughfare when he sees a sight to behold. Mr. Wu is headed to the Gem, except -- hold the phone -- he's going in the front door. This causes such a scandal among the staff, Johnny has to slam the door on one of their best customers, the inestimable Tit Licker. "Nope!" he says, closing the poor man out of his obsession. "We're closed for a little while. Lick later!" Johnny attempts to get Wu to back out and come in at the back door, but Wu stands his ground, arms crossed. "Swedgin," he says, purposefully. Johnny calls up to Al, saying they've got themselves a situation down here. If Al's surprised that Wu came in the front door, he doesn't show it. He tells Johnny to bring Wu up. "You want me to take him out," Johnny asks, "and bring him around back?" Dawn has just broken, and Al is already exhausted by Johnny. He snaps at him to just bring Wu the fuck up. The Gem whores, all half-dressed and unwashed, still have the gall to tsk at Wu, as if he is unworthy of their presence.

Johnny leads him to Al's office and tries, dog-trainer-style, to make him take a seat, but Wu refuses until Johnny leaves and Al sits before him with a weary look. "What is it, Wu?" he asks with a frustrated tone. That's all well and good, Al, but no one is going to beat Wu in the frustration game today. He whips out a sheaf of papers and some graphite and starts drawing to bridge the language barrier. Al looks on with growing interest.

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