Mister Wu

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Mister Wu

In any case, Adams agrees that Wu only gets one man, and suggests that Al make the two white guys draw straws for the big exit. Al explains the further hitch of one of the guys being an employee of Cy, who doesn't want his man considered for that lottery. Adams can see the problem, and follows him as he goes into the bathhouse, where the two smackheads are lounging in the tubs under the annoyed but watchful eye of Dan. "Mr. Swearengen," Jimmy slurs. "We are fucked up. We are good and fucked up, Mr. Swearengen. What have we been saying repeatedly, Dan?" Dan smirks. "'Al's a good guy,'" he quotes. Yes, Jimmy says, Al's so nice to have let them get high and take these luxurious baths after "inconveniencing" him so badly. All Leon can do is repeat Al's mighty name as Jimmy rambles on like the stupid stoner he is. Al rolls his eyes at Adams and Dan and picks up a broom, pulling out two straws. "One of you is gonna have to apologize to Wu," he says. Boozily, Leon volunteers. "I'll apologize," he says. "Bring that slant-eyed bastard over here. He can get in the fuckin' tub with me. I'll apologize, and then I'll kiss him. And then I'll tie him off, and then I'll shoot him up, and then I'll blow him, with fuckin' soap." Al says they're going to draw straws to see who goes over to see Wu. "We go there?" Leon says, not getting it. "I withdraw my volunteer. I am comfortable where I am." Al looks pointedly at Jimmy, telling him to pick a straw. Dumb as he is, something's dawning on Jimmy. He wants to know what this apology will entail. "I worked it out with Wu," Al says. Jimmy's still nervous, not touching the straws, but is interrupted when Leon goes on a rant of white supremacy. Al cuts his eyes over at Leon, who goes on and on, saying he'll be happy to pick a straw, he's not afraid. I'm sure Al would be happy to get rid of the idiot, but he's here for Jimmy, and tells him quietly again to pick a straw. Even Dan looks tense as it finally seems to half-dawn on Jimmy what's going on. He asks if he can shoot up again before picking a straw, but Al shakes his head. He picks. Short straw. It takes Al only moments to drown Jimmy in the tub, upending him by his heels and stepping on his neck to hold him under. "Do not throw up," he yells at Leon over his shoulder, "I don't want to smell your stink." It's late at the hardware store when the Rev comes in to find Sol and Bullock. They're right in front of him, but he seems not to recognize them. They get worried looks as the Rev says he's afraid -- they seem to him to be Bullock and Sol, but he doesn't really recognize them as his friends. He says he doesn't know what's happening to him; he says he has various ailments, and this must be a further one. "I am afraid if you are devils," he says, "which I don't believe you are because you were the kindest men of all in the camp to me -- but if you were devils, I suppose that that would be the type of shape you would take -- and if you are not devils then I am...simply losing my mind." Bullock lowers his head, finding it hard to take. He assures the Reverend that they are, in fact, the friends he made when he watched their goods for them their first night in camp. They remind him of how they introduced themselves the first time, and told him about their lives. His face loses some of its anguish as he realizes that he remembers. "You're here with friends," Bullock says, and the Rev smiles. "Yes," he says, greatly relieved, "I feel that now." He says his various ailments are none worse than those we all suffer and are given to us by God's plan. "And next morning," Sol says, "often finds us feeling better." Bullock asks if he'd like them to walk him back to his tent. "An evening stroll with friends," Rev. Smith answers, "I would so enjoy that." How any of them did it without bursting into tears, I don't know. They help him from the store, listening as he tells them of Al's new piano, and Bullock locks up for the night.

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