Mister Wu

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Mister Wu

Back at the bathhouse, Al's finishing up his business when he turns to Leon, telling him to report all he's seen to Cy. "I saw a fair procedure, Al," Leon cries, freaking out, as Al swings on him, punching him the eye. "Do not," he says, "fucking call me Al." Thinking twice before making the obvious "and don't you call me Betty" joke, Leon shuts his mouth as Dan rolls up his sleeves to dispense with Jimmy. After a formal introduction to Adams outside, he does just that, following Al over to Wu's and dumping Jimmy's body in the sty and yelling, "Say you're sorry, Jimmy!" Good one, Dan. Full of admiration and gratitude, Wu approaches Al. "Swedgin," he says, showing his bond with a little bow. "Yeah," Al says, nodding back as he looks around at the faces of the Chinese men in the alley and listens to the pigs going for Jimmy. "Swedgin hopes we haven't signed ourselves up for killing, too."

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