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Mister Wu

Back at the hotel, Merrick is reading over Bullock's health commissioner statement about waste disposal -- it's all appetizing stuff like how to get rid of manure and offal, exactly what you want to hear when you sit down to one of E.B.'s breakfasts. Across the room, Bullock meets the eye of Mrs. Garret, who comes floating over with Sophia. Merrick wishes them a good morning, and Sophia emphatically answers back with the same, impressing everyone. Merrick goes on to remark loudly about the large crowd in the room, and successfully runs off a table of miners, giving Mrs. G and Sophia a place to sit down, and earning their smiling thanks.

Meanwhile, two newbies have arrived. One rather dandified gentleman comes in and asks E.B.'s cook, Richardson, where the mayor is. Through some minor bribery, he finds out that E.B.'s at the Gem, and has Richardson go out and stable his horses. The crowd checks out the new guy with suspicion. Well, why wouldn't they? Anyone in town not covered with a layer of grime and pig shit certainly looks suspicious. The new guy is too irritated by the crowds to wait for a seat, and when his friend comes in, he says fuck it, and leaves. While the teeming hordes line up at his hotel, E.B. is still at the Gem, now licking his thumb to better count out the currency for the envelopes. He tells Al that one of the legislators' names was listed twice on the bribe sheet. "Give him two envelopes," Al says, "I'll call him on it if it ever suits my purpose." Al's grossed out by E.B.'s style. "As damp as your hands are," he says, squeamish, "why do you continuously lick your fucking thumb?" E.B. shrugs, saying he supposes it's a habit. "Could you learn the habit," Al says, giving him both eyebrows, "of licking a fucking stump?" E.B. laughs it off, conspiratorially telling Al that if Bullock has his way, some of these levies may get diverted for health stuff in the camp like an infirmary and garbage dump. "Well, that type of shit's inevitable," Al says, before taking a very serious tone with the mayor. "E.B.," he says, "steal none of this money." E.B. sighs, offended. "Gratuitous," he says. "Hurtful, and unnecessary." Al ain't buying it. "When I deal with these cocksuckers down the road," he says, "I need to be able to look any one of them in the eye, name what they were paid, and know I'm right." E.B. says he understands, and that the money will remain intact and undiminished. Al looks up to see the new guys walking in. "Half a chance this could be him," he says to E.B., who is surprised Claggett's bagman could have arrived so early.

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