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Mister Wu

The dandy one comes over and introduces himself as Silas Adams. E.B. leaps to his feet, presenting himself and Al. Adams reaches into his pocket and pulls out a letter. "I'm to give this to you from Magistrate Claggett," he says, handing it to Al before turning to E.B. and indicating the money envelopes. "And you're to give those to me." Al begins to open the letter, and tells Adams to go and get himself and his little backup man a drink. Before the guy can even get to the bar, however, Al has read a bit of the letter and calls a rancorous halt to the proceedings. "You motherless fucking whores," he says, and E.B. again leaps from his chair, this time to get out of the way, because Adams does not take kindly to Al's brand of insults, as it turns out. "You know what he says here?" Al says, about the letter. "No," Adams answers, all ragey. "You think you should have asked me that before you motherfucked me?" Al calls the magistrate a double-crossing cocksucker -- I love it how much Al, the ultimate scam artist, loathes being double-crossed. Adams asks if that's the message Al wants him to take back to Claggett. "That's the gist of it," Al says. "Let me put it a better way before I send you and your mute friend back down the fucking trail." Adams tells him he'll have to hurry -- they're leaving the next day. Al, perhaps realizing that he is killing the messenger unnecessarily, offers the gents free whores and whiskey for the evening. "I'll make," Adams says, "my own arrangements." Adams, by the way, is wearing the world's most ridiculous tie. Like, seriously, it's three feet wide like something out of a clown college. In the corner of the hotel restaurant, the beautifully dressed Joanie eats alone. She sees Charlie waiting in the cramped line and rises to save him. He is appreciative and sits with her, tipping his hat to Bullock, Sol, and Merrick, and nodding across the aisle to Sophia, who is trying to engage him in a round of peek-a-boo. He and Joanie have some small talk about business -- she tells him she hasn't decided on a location for her new brothel yet -- until the bumbling Merrick gets up to leave, inviting Charlie out to take the air with him and the hardware guys. A lot more bumping and crashing goes on before they all get out the door, and if we didn't GET IT already about how crowded the camp is becoming, we surely get it when they all talk about it YET AGAIN outside. Merrick laments the loss of the opportunity for meandering conversation in the hotel dining room, but Bullock, noticing the busy thoroughfare, says they need to get to the store and open soon. Merrick continues to bloviate about how nice it is to be in the company of such fine gentlemen as themselves. "Good of you to say, Mr. Merrick," Sol says. "Back at ya," Charlie also remarks, "as far as that goes." Stonefaced, Bullock says, "Yeah," and before they can pry themselves away from Merrick, he proposes that the four of them form a little...awesome guy club, or something. They all try to politely put him off, but he feels they should dedicate themselves to the principle of walking and talking together on a regular basis. "Maybe all we need," he says, "is a name!" This is too much for Bullock; he finally insists that they need to go and open their store. Charlie begs off, too, as Sol takes the time to sweetly thank Merrick and shake his hand, saying they need to do it again, soon. They all practically run away, leaving Merrick to muse more on his big idea. "'The Ambulators,'" he says, testing out the name.

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