Mister Wu

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Mister Wu

In his office at the Gem, Al is meeting with Jimmy Irons, he of the dope fiending. Jimmy's been laid up, he says, sick as a dog. Al is all tea (literally) and sympathy (facetiously). Al casually mentions the dope problem and Jimmy goes all concerned. He says he figures he's in for some more sick days ahead -- if there's no opium to purchase, his own supply will be dry. Al leans in like a praying mantis. "Jimmy," he asks, "what become of that dope fiend faro dealer that I hired to apprise me of what transpired over at Tolliver's?" Jimmy's getting nervous, and it shows. "Leon?" he asks, trying to play it cool, and Al says, yeah, Leon. Jimmy says he doesn't know; Leon must have disappeared. "You've been wrong since you walked in here," Al says, cutting to the chase. "You know that, don't you, Jimmy?" Now Jimmy's really worried. He says, again, that he's sick. "You've been lying, Jimmy," he says. "The smell of cat's piss is so strong in here, I'm going to have to burn down the fuckin' building." Jimmy says he's just nervous; he's always nervous. "Nervousness don't cause that," Al says. "Lyin' causes cat-piss smell." Jimmy's starting to shake, and with good reason. Al goes right to it, now. He says he'll strangle Jimmy and throw him off the balcony if he doesn't immediately tell him where the remaining dope is that he and Leon obviously stole from Wu's courier. Stupid Jimmy tries to fake it one more time, and Al clocks him one. "Jesus, what a fucking stink," he yells, opening the balcony door, going on to say that killing the courier is causing him headaches with Wu. "I just shit myself, sir," Jimmy offers, politely. "I'm saying it now, before the smell gets you." Al tells him to just throw himself off the balcony, which he does, and lie there in the mud until Dan comes out with other orders. Going downstairs, Al explains to Dan that he wants him to bring both Jimmy and Leon back to the Gem with the remainder of the dope. Dan doesn't even ask any questions, just prepares to leave. Al notices an unlikely visitor to the joint -- Rev. Smith is sitting by the new piano, clutching his Bible. He asks Dan if the Rev has explained his presence, at all. "No, sir," Dan says. "But he ain't tried to lead no lost souls to the Lord." They laugh. "So," Al smirks. "There's that." Al goes over to speak to the good man, who tells him that his new piano plays wonderfully. "Ain't it delightful?" Al says, and tells Dave, the piano player, to "go and get a free touch from Wanda." Al looks close at the Rev, asking what's up with his bad eye. The Rev says he's not sure, but something has not been right with it for a week or so. "Anyways," Al says, as politely as is possible for him, "not wanting to give offense...would you mind me asking you to frequent another joint?" The sweet Rev says no, he understands. "Man of the cloth slows business down," Al explains, and the Rev nods, saying again that he understands, and kind of struggles to stand up from the chair. Al actually looks concerned. "Something amiss with my leg, as well," Rev. Smith explains. Al takes his arm to help him, casting a quick glance around in hopes that no one is watching him show this kindness. "How you doing with the fits?" he asks, and Smith says that they seem to be the one consistent thing about him these days. "My brother suffered them," Al says, leading him to the door. He asks the Rev not to consider him inhospitable, and says that should he ever need anything -- pantomiming whiskey drinking and, ahem, other Gem services -- that he is always welcome in the off hours. "I just happened," Rev says, kind of sad, "to hear the piano." They say goodbye, and Al watches him go before turning back to stride through the saloon and pass by the new piano, giving it a good curse. Poor Al. It stresses him out to experience emotions other than murderous rage; abusive wrath; and violent cruelty.

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