Mister Wu

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Mister Wu

Hostetler, owner of the livery, arrives at the hardware store to confer with Bullock about some land he was interested in clenching on. "Building a house on," I mean. Hostetler says he has received some other interest in the land, and wants to see if Bullock can make an offer today. Bullock doesn't want to be rushed, he says, kind of rudely. "I was giving you first opportunity," Hostetler says, defensively. "No one is rushing you." He goes on to say that if he gets a fair offer elsewhere, he plans to take it. Bullock, pissy, says fine.

Joanie is in her four-bit room at the hotel, when Eddie knocks on the door. "Did that bloodstain get you the special rate?" he asks. Aw, man. Joanie had to get Tim Driscoll's room? When is E.B. going to throw a carpet over that stain? Eddie sits, asking Joanie if she's settled on any land for her new place yet. "I'm looking," she says, immediately casting her eyes down, and admitting she's lying. "As long," Eddie smiles, "as it's the only one you ever told me." Joanie says the problem is that she doesn't want Cy to back her, and she doesn't know how to do anything without him. "I'll back you," Eddie says, to her surprise. "You gonna turn prospector, Eddie?" she asks, but he shakes his head: "I'm gonna rob Cy." Joanie looks worried. "Don't, Eddie," she says. "He'll know." The fabulous Eddie cocks his head to the side. "What's the time, kid?" he asks. Joanie reaches for her belt, opening a little snap pouch to pull out her pocket watch. It's not there, because Eddie has it. The sleight of hand master hands it back to her. "No," he says, "he won't."Back in Al's office, things are going rough for the dope fiends. He says that he's in dutch with Wu now because these two goons killed the courier. "What the fuck do I do with you, huh?" he asks them, causing the two men to tremble even in their altered states. "I'm so fucked up, Mr. Swearengen," Leon cries. "I can't make a case for myself." Al asks what his case would even be, seeing as how Leon hasn't even done anything for him. "That chair would make a better spy," he says, kicking Leon over. Jimmy sees his chance. "I've worked hard for you, Mr. Swearengen," he says. "My habit's a fucking curse." He asks if Al could be persuaded to let them get an hour's head start out of camp, since they did give him back about half the dope. Al ain't going for it. "So, I give him a little less than half the dope," he says, "which, you being the cat-piss-stinking liars you are, he'll probably draw a picture explaining to me is ten percent of the dope. And then I'll probably draw a picture for him, portraying myself a c*nt!" Because, he goes on, furious, in Wu's mind, the only thing that will even this score is the bodies of his courier's killers being fed to his pigs. Both men beg not to be fed to the pigs; Leon even goes so far to vomit on the floor to show his extreme unwillingness in that matter. Al's had about enough bodily waste spilled on his floor today, I guess, so he has them booted out, after Jimmy cleans up the mess.

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