Mister Wu

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Mister Wu

Moments later, Al and Dan arrive at Wu's. "We're here to be overcharged on some fucking meat," he says. "Will your chink highness allow us to come inside and get robbed blind on a side of elk." This little performance is for the rest of the men in the alley; scowling, Wu opens the door and lets them in the meatlocker. Al presents him with the leftover dope. "Cocksuckers!" Wu says, slashing his hand across his throat. "Oh, yeah," Al assures him, "I'm all fuckin' for it, Wu. But neither of us would have reached our present comfortable position, freezing our balls off, if we didn't understand: you can't cut the throat of every cocksucker whose character it would improve." Wu repeats his slashing move, insistent. Al has concerns, though. What happens, he says, after the white guys have been killed and two dozen more white cocksuckers get pissed and riot against the Chinese. "Who's gonna walk away," he asks, "from that fuckin' get-together, huh?" Wu knows: "COCKSUCKAH!" Al sighs. "Yeah," he says, almost sweetly. "Cocksucker." Using again the ancient art of pantomime, he tells Wu, "Swedgin bring you cocksucker." Wu's eyes narrow in brotherly admiration. "Ssswedgin..." he says, grateful. Al explains, however, that he can only kill one of the guys -- if he does a two-for-one deal, even though the cocksuckers deserve it, it will look bad. Wu doesn't like it, but he understands, and to show his gratitude, he gives his best pal Swedgin a gratis side of beef. Al sighs. "Even money," he says to Dan, "this'll end up a fuckin' bloodbath." They leave the meatlocker, and Al resumes his big public show of Wu being the bad-ass bargainer of Chink Alley. "Every fuckin' time I come with one price in mind," he says, overly loudly, "I leave having paid him double! How does this Wu do it to me, huh?" Heeee! Dan quietly asks if Al thinks the other Chinese guys in the alley understand what he's saying. "They understand my fuckin' attitude," he says, "that he's a fuckin' wily bigshot. Builds him up amongst his people." Wu stands there with his arms crossed, looking like a warrior, as Al gives Dan his further orders, telling him to get both dope fiends over to the bath house while he meets with Tolliver over which one he's going to have to kill. Good ol' Al, working all the angles. Over at the Bella Union, he sidles up to Cy at the bar and explains the situation. Cy's pissy, saying that it appears, since the dope in question was intended for Al, that his man is in line for the pigs, and Cy can stand on principle and stay out of it. "What's your fucking principle?" Al asks, wearily. "A white dope fiend's still white," Cy explains. "And I don't deliver white men to Chinks." Al says that leaves him with a bag of shit to hold, and Cy suggests that one gets what one deserves when trafficking in junk. "I'm a purveyor of spirits, Cy," Al says, eyebrows suggestively raised, "dope fucking included and, when chance affords, a thief; but I ain't no fucking hypocrite." Cy smarms that he thinks this conversation is over, "but in my line, I'm used to certain types thinkin' they need the last word." Good one, Cy; Al does always need the last word, and proves it, now. "Well," he says, "my last word is the fuckin' bagman is here from Yankton, so get up your fuckin' share." With that, he turns and stalks out, leaving Cy to stew some more. He asks the barback where Joanie is staying, and the guy says he doesn't know. Not believing him, Cy tells him to inform Joanie that he has some good news regarding certain real estate, if she wants to show up and hear about it.

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