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Mister Wu

Back at the Gem, the Rev has returned and, out of his right mind, is cheering on a group of whores doing the maypole dance (not like that) around some happy customers. "That ain't right, see?" Johnny tells Jewel with tears in his eyes. "My father was a preacher of the fuckin' Word, and that ain't fuckin' right."

In a back room, Doc is wearily checking out the whores on some kind of gynecological assembly line. "So, this is what it's come to in Deadwood, eh Doc?" one of them drones. "Ministers kicking up their heels and Chinamen walking in through the front door." He again checks Trixie's arm to see how she's healing, and they sigh together over the Rev's mental decline.

Things are about to get worse for the poor man, as Al comes in the back door. He admonishes him again, this time more strongly, and tells the Rev to write himself a note, whatever it takes, to remind him to stay out of the Gem. The Rev says he forgot he wasn't supposed to be there. He was drawn by the music; the piano relieves his headache. Uncomfortable, Al tells him to go and listen to one where he won't make an ass out of himself. "Do you know where I might find one?" the Rev asks, and Al yells no, telling Johnny to help the Rev out of the place. Watching the good guy go down is painful even for the bad guys. When Al sees Doc come out of the back, he takes him in conference, asking what the hell's wrong with the Reverend. "He's having changes," Doc says quietly, "in his brain." Al's frustrated and hides it with rage. "I hope to Christ he's having changes," he says. "I'd hate to think of him conducting performances like that of secret evenings in the forest or the like." Doc tells him more quietly that he's sure now the Rev has a tumor. "He was in here not two hours ago, don't fucking remember," Al says. "Nothing to be done, huh?" Doc says no. Al can hardly take it. I wish I could put into words what Ian McShane does here, as he battles his emotions and personal fear about the Rev. I think, when we watch people die, part of our anger comes from knowing that if it was happening to us, no one could help us, either, and the unfairness of that is so awful, it makes us a little crazy. He fusses on, saying the Rev ain't coming back to the Gem. "He's a fucking man of the cloth, in case he forgets," Al says, "kicking up his heels like a four-bit strumpet." He sighs now, and moves on, asking how Trixie's spirits seem to Doc. "Her abscess seems fine," Doc answers, and Al gets mad, saying that's not what he asked. "I don't answer for the state of people's spirits," Doc spits, and walks out. I mean, again, y'all: poor Al. Angry Chinamen, deranged Revs, suicidal whores...what next? On the porch of the hardware store, Bullock is figuratively kicking himself as he and Sol take in the sunset. "What I've done, Sol," he laments, "and you have to admire me for it -- is move 300 miles to set the same damn situation up I left Montana to get away from." He admonishes himself for getting so caught up in the health commissioner thing, with the drawing up of unsolicited proposals and whatnot. He's ashamed, also, that he let his irritability cause him to be rude to Hostetler. "I believe," Sol says of the black livery owner, "Hostetler's had worse afternoons." Bullock grumbles on -- now he's bringing a wife and child he barely knows out to Deadwood. Sol sighs. "I don't guess you need me to say it," he says, "but if there's a Heaven, your brother sees what you did, and he's grateful." Clenching meaningfully, Bullock says that maybe he's living his brother's life so he didn't have to live his own. "People have made good lives," Sol says, "out of borrowed ones, before," and, staring straight ahead -- perhaps thinking of Mrs. G, who represents Bullock's would-be life in this new town, or perhaps Mrs. Bullock, back at home -- adds, "But she is a beautiful woman."

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