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Mister Wu

Al's got the bagman up in his office and is trying to explain his, uh, overreaction at their first meeting. Throwing back shots with the guy, he clarifies that Claggett had promised to clear up that murder warrant for him in Chicago, but that the letter Adams delivered that day read differently, asking for further payoff. "Not my problem," Adams says, and whoa...listen, Adams, you are hot and I'd hate to see you get your head knocked off on this, Al's worst day in a while. I guess his straight talking earns him respect from Al, in any case, because Al, you know, doesn't kill him. Instead, he tries to explain further his feelings on the subject. Surely Adams can understand how mad Al was at receiving that letter. Adams says no, not so far as he could understand Al blasting off at him, who was just the messenger. He says he's there to take Al's message back to the magistrate. Pouring another shot, Al casts further aspersions on Claggett, insinuating that he is not the only one the magistrate has double-crossed. "Yeah," Adams says, smirking. "Magistrate Claggett is a cocksucker." Al nods. "And?" he asks, since now Adams is speaking his language. "Make your offer," Adams answers, open to the bribe. Al squints, thinking with both eyebrows. He asks Adams how he can prove he's not there to trap him in his double-cross of the double-crosser. "I'm not here," Adams says, "to prove shit to you." Al asks if it matters to Adams that the guy he's under warrant for killing "needed murdering every fuckin' day he drew breath." Adam says no. "Good," Al says, and asks if Adams wants to accompany him to the bathhouse. The bagman looks a bit concerned -- apparently "going to the bathhouse" means the same thing in Deadwood as it does in the Castro. "No one's looking to fuck you up the ass," Al says, weary. "I gotta execute someone." Will this DAY never END?

On the way over, Al explains the whole Wu hullabaloo snafu voodoo to Adams, who listens with detached interest. They have a nice conversation, permanently winning me over to Adams, but the whole thing is another rundown of the problem Al faces having to choose which of the dope fiends to kill to give to Wu and all the racial angles presented. I appreciate that it's a big problem, this the tenth time now they've gone over it? We get it. What's amazing is that even though the story winds around and around this one point so many times, McShane and his machinations are so interesting, I never get bored. Y'all, I love Ian McShane so much, and to illustrate, I will now tell you a brief but embarrassing story. I think I have admitted here, with only mild shame, my undying obsession with that show of shows, Magnum P.I. Acting: questionable. Stories: implausible. But Selleck? Undeniably delicious. I love it to the point I TiVo two episodes a day to watch it with my dog and yes, my husband laughs and laughs, but he and all the rest of you can shut your damn mouths. Anyway, to further demonstrate my admittedly crazy infatuation with mustachioed brunettes of the small screen: not too long ago my dog, The Deuce, and I were enjoying our post-workday cooldown, when what to our wondering eyes did appear, but Ian McShane, ON MAGNUM. That's right! Together at last! I wigged. Talked about it for weeks. But the Lord did not stop His wondrous deeds there, y'all. No! Months later, McShane appeared in yet a second episode, playing another character! Could life get any sweeter? I have them saved. My husband was rude enough to point out that, were I ever to meet Ian McShane, I would probably lose all semblance of cool, freak out, and instead of talking about Deadwood, I'd be all "REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE ON MAGNUM TWO TIMES?" What I can only pray is that he DOES remember and that even as I type out this beautiful dream, arrangements are being made for Tom Selleck to ride into Deadwood.

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