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At the hotel, the little girl is sleeping in a chair when E.B. comes into Mrs. G's room once again with new linens. In her bed, the widow responds to his voice by sitting up and putting on her show. She's all whispery, saying she's better and kind of leering at him, all sexy, though it must make her even sicker to do so. E.B. buys it, and leaves, and the little girl smiles to see that the charade has been pulled off -- though I am not sure how she's supposed to know what's going on, since she allegedly speaks very little English.

Back at the Bella Union, Ellsworth's luck has turned, no doubt because Eddie has switched him off the loaded dice. How to Hook a Gambler 101: Let him win a little, then watch him lose a lot, thinking he can win again. Joanie is the key to all this, and she's starting to feel guilty about it. She asks him if he wants to stop for a while, and Cy overhears and comes running. He'd hate to lose Ellsworth, the perfect mark, who seems willing to keep losing all day. He suggests that maybe Joanie is the one who should take a break. "Maybe you should stop for a while, honey," he says. "You need to piss?" Joanie rolls her eyes and leaves -- and I have to note that she is wearing an absolutely gorgeous dress in this scene -- and Cy rolls a few bones himself (with the secret, winning dice) to draw the hooples back in. It works, of course. Joanie watches from above, disgusted, until she notices one of her girls crying behind a post. She's sad about Joey, whom she has seen with spots coming up all over his body. "Joey was cherry," she says. "He didn't want us to do it 'til he knew how." Aw. No time for crying over your dying virgin boyfriend, girlie. Joanie says she knows, but that the girl would do better "if the tricks didn't think lookin' at 'em made you cry." Back in the woods, Charlie comes upon a dead horse laid out on the ground with an arrow in his side. He dismounts, pulling out his rifle, and surveys the scene, where he finds the dead Indian, the Indian's painted horse, and the unconscious Bullock.

In camp, the Rev is resting in his tent when Johnny comes in to invite him to the get-together at the Gem. The Rev is so sweet and polite, it almost breaks my heart. He asks what the meeting will be about, and Johnny says he isn't sure. "He's havin' me get fruit," he says. "I know that much."

Charlie leans over Bullock, talking to him while he wipes blood off his face. He explains all the markings on the Indian's horse. The three red hands stand for men killed in face-to-face fighting. The red circle means one killed on horseback. "The white lines on the pony's legs," he goes on, "was times that he's counted coup." Charlie explains the counting coup system, saying that it doesn't matter whether or not the Indian intended to kill him, it was just important for him to get close enough to Bullock to touch him. "That's why he come for you instead of picking you off with an arrow," he says, "like he did your horse." Bullock comes around during this history lesson, and I guess that Indian hit him pretty hard, because he's not even clenching. "Charlie," he says, sadly, and as messed up as he is, he gives it to him straight. "Bill's dead, Charlie." So sad. The brilliant Dayton Callie takes it in and his voice goes even scratchier than usual. "I heard it spoke of two days ago," he says. "But as often as he wasn't [dead] before, I hoped he wasn't this time, too." Bullock sits up, saying he rode out after the bastard that killed Bill. Charlie asks Bullock if he can ride, and hearing the affirmative, says they should go get the cocksucker who killed their friend. Bullock wants to dig a grave for the Indian, though, of course, because he's Mr. Perfect and he has to do everything he's supposed to do, all the time, no matter the stakes, no matter how annoying his self-righteous clenching. Charlie says they won't be doing the warrior any favors, since his way to Heaven is above ground, looking West. "Let's do that, then," Bullock says to Charlie's extreme annoyance. "Don't you want to carry him over the ridge and put him with his headless fuckin' buddy?" he yells, full of sarcasm. "I mean, that's what you nearly got killed for, interfering with his big fuckin' medicine." See how it all comes together, people? Someone chopped off this Indian's buddy's head for Al's bounty, and Bullock wanders through and nearly gets killed for it. Charlie's creating problems for himself, really, because now that Bullock knows there's a burial place over the ridge, of course he's going to want to go to it.

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