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Doc wonders where they'll set up the tent, and Cy says he has a lot in the Chinese section they can use. Al is impressed. "Gonna build a joint in the future and cater to the Celestials, ain't you, Cy?" he says. "You clever cocksucker." They talk now about recruiting the riders, and as the group breaks up, the Rev can no longer hold himself together. He has a severe seizure, right there in front of them all, and falls to the floor, flailing. Doc rushes over and asks for something to put in his mouth. Johnny offers his trusty fruit spoon, but Al puts on the kibosh. "Not a fucking metal spoon, Johnny," he yells, rushing to the Rev. "You'll break every tooth in his mouth." Dan comes through with a piece actually looks like a wallet or a holster, or something, and Doc wedges it in, getting bit in the process. "You ever see him do that?" Al quietly asks Sol, who shakes his head. Rev. Smith finally comes out of it to see the whole get-together gotten together over him."Used to have a fucking brother given to that," Al says, in a tone like he's trying to save Rev. Smith from embarrassment. "We'd make pennies off it when it'd come over him in the street. Hey, Reverend. You could have just said 'amen.'" What is WITH Al today, being all nice to everybody? I mean, he has stood on no necks; he's giving out fruit, letting that one whore stick only to hand jobs; he's trying to buck up the Rev and is not even calling him names? Honestly, he's practically Gandhi.

Cy returns to the Bella Union with his top hat (I just typed "top hate," which is frankly much more accurate) smugly perched on his smug head. Eddie jokes that he's quite the civic figure. "Oh, that's me," Cy smarms. "That's what I live for." He asks if Eddie thinks they got Ellsworth appropriately hooked on the craps, and Eddie says he'll be back. Cy complains about Joanie, who nearly ruined the Ellsworth mark with her pesky conscience. He tries to compliment Eddie about how smooth his scam game still runs, but Eddie is in no mood. "Yeah, Cy," he smarts back, "you give a good hand job, yourself." Cy doesn't like being teased, apparently. He gives Eddie some orders to go and talk to Joanie. "If I talk to her right now," Cy says, "I'll break her fucking jaw. And if we keep talking, I'll break yours, too." Oh, shut up, Cy.

Doc is giving the Rev a little exam, and I have to comment here about the beauty of these two actors working one-on-one together. Brad Dourif is like...I don't know. He's a genius. And he promotes genius in others when he's on screen. This is a very small moment, but it's so sweet. The Rev. says he figures his convulsion was possibly brought on by fatigue. "Oh, I see," Doc says with a twinkle. "And I expect you'll soon be hanging up your shingle in competition with me?" The Rev says no, sir, and they both do a good job showing their nice friendship in this horrible town. Doc asks how he felt right before the seizure, and Smith says he noticed a burning smell in the air. He tells him he's had one other spell, after the service for Bill. Al busts in, now, saying Merrick needs to consult Doc about the smallpox article, and actually, literally, seriously WINKS at the Rev as he tells Doc to "prescribe this malingerer a can of peaches and show him the fuckin' door." The Rev asks if he'll be allowed to help Doc attend to the sick, and Doc gives him the go-ahead.

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