Reconnoitering The Rim

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Reconnoitering The Rim

From the mud, McCall mutters under his breath, "Fuck you, and any plans I might have had to buy somethin'...or prospect." Seeing all this go down, Charlie tells Sol he'd personally "be lousy at retail...wouldn't have the patience for it." Looking back at Bullock, Sol comments that he's "not sure how much future he's got." Anyways, Charlie says, he's come to tell them that in a few days he's heading back to Cheyenne to see to his freight bidness, and that should they need resupply, he'll hook them up. He then removes his hat like a gentleman and asks them to join him and Bill for dinner at the hotel that night or some other time. He seems nervous about it, which is cute. With, his eyes, Bullock says, "Let's do it tonight." Charlie demurs, saying he feels like he "should have brung posies."

This dreamy interlude is interrupted by Johnny, who has come from the Gem to fetch the hardware fellas for Al. They head over, and we see that Alma is watching all from above while she takes her dose, including Brom walking up and down the thoroughfare, talking to himself.

Inside the saloon, Al meets with Sol and Bullock while Dan and E.B. look on. They have a polite exchange, with Al telling them he's been so addled by the arrival of these Bella Union people, he hopes the hardware guys understand his reasoning of earlier in the day when he said he would not sell them the claim outright. Getting to the point, Bullock asks what his thinking is now. Al doesn't like that, but declines to murder him on the spot. What he really wants to know is if Bullock and Sol know the new saloon interests. They assure him, no. "Not them," Bullock says, "and not Bill Hickok. All we want to do is run a hardware bidness." Al, with his trust issues in full swing, leans forward to make his feelings clear. "I have got to be satisfied," he says. "Why wouldn't ya, Mr. Swearengen?" Sol asks, all casual, and Al thanks him for saying that "even if you don't fuckin' mean it."

Once again, Bullock is over it. "What would make you comfortable selling to us?" he asks. Al shoots a look over to E.B. before laying down his ridiculous terms. He wants a thousand for the lot; right of first refusal on any further sale; right to buy back the lot at the original price; and the right to insist that the men have no association whatever with the Bella Union people, including the crazy demand that they not even sell them any hardware. Sol agrees to all of this while Bullock clenches in silence. E.B., for his part, looks smug as a bug.

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