Reconnoitering The Rim

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Reconnoitering The Rim

Al shoots a surreptitious look Dan's way. "Has he asked you to reconnoiter the rims with him at all?" Dan says that no, he hasn't. Brom wants to know what they're talking about; he is unfamiliar with this reconnoitering of the rims option. "The gold you found washed down from somewhere," Al says, "that's the law of gravity." He goes on, pushing the hard sell, that there must be more gold on the claim, probably up on the cliff rims. "And that's what you feel I should reconnoiter?" Brom says, like the dumb galoot he truly is. Al: "First place the Pinkertons would look. Unless I'm fucking wrong." Dan says no, that's how the Pinkertons operate. Al asks Dan if he'll go back out with Brom to reconnoiter the rims. Garret's buying it. He still thinks he has the upper hand, though, because he asks that, should no success comes from his and Dan's reconnoitering mission, Al make restitution on the claim -- "or do I have recourse to the [Pinkertons]." Al says yes. That if after all this reconnoitering Garret still wants his money back, he'll give it to him, "'cause you've got me by the fuckin' balls." Sure. Except that the last time anybody had Al by the fucking balls...well, that's probably never happened.

Al and Dan exchange a few more looks, especially when Garret turns on his way out to ask if he needs climbing gear. "You might want to bring a pickaxe," Al says, before muttering to Dan to "make it look like an accident."

Back at the hotel, Charlie has arrived and is bitching at Jane about letting Bill stay laid out in the hall. They whisper all crazily to each other until they accidentally wake him. "He's up," Jane says, exasperated. "I hope you're happy. Congratulations, cocksucker." Jane needs to get a little side job writing greeting cards, or something. "We hear you got a new job! Congratulations, cocksucker."

Charlie tells Bill that dinner's been cancelled due to the hardware boys' desire to get started building on their lot. Bill says okay before Jane starts in on Charlie again, complaining that she would have let Bill sleep all day if he wanted, and would not have disturbed him like Charlie has. Bill sighs, knowing he won't be able to get back to sleep, and asks Charlie if Sol and Bullock need help on that lot. Charlie is glad to hear him ask.

In their room, the Garrets are having a little spat. Mrs. G is doing that annoying thing where she speaks in her little whispery laudanum voice, and I hate it. But she's worried about this latest turn of events, and wonders why Brom has had to push Al with mention of his father and the Pinkertons getting involved. Alma is about 200 IQ points smarter than her husband, but powerless to say anything or do anything to discourage him -- she takes a shot at trying to convince him to think of the whole thing as an adventure and just leaving to see more of the West. But: no. Brom's all cocksure now, thinking he has bamboozled Al, the ultimate fighting machine of bamboozlement. He puts on a dandified outfit, tells her he hopes her "headache" gets better, and leaves to meet his fate.

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