Reconnoitering The Rim

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Reconnoitering The Rim

From the balcony outside his office, Al observes the grand opening of the Bella Union. He's pissed. E.B. comes hemming and hawing up behind him -- Al's summoned him over to the Gem, apparently. E.B. takes a stab at trying to be casual, complimenting Al on the good house he's got downstairs. Al's not feeling it, though, and E.B. smells trouble. "I'm not in dutch am I, Al?" he asks, employing one of my favorite phrases. Without turning around, Al tells him to go ahead inside. It, uh, doesn't look good for E.B.

In the thoroughfare, as Bill hammers away on the hardware store, he runs into that old familiar problem celebrities always seem to have about fans not respecting their privacy. Some hooples come up, hats in hand, to Farley on him, and he's polite to a degree, but soon grows weary of it. (Especially when the hoople gets on a tangent going on and on about how great he is except as a stage performer, in which case he sucks.)You know, Lindsay Lohan has the same problem, all the time, and while she can go home and console herself by crying into a big pillowcase stuffed with money, Bill can't, because he keeps losing his money at cards.

Bill asks Bullock if he was born patient, or if he has cultivated it. Bullock smiles -- they are all laughing at the stupid, drunk hooples who are now arguing amongst themselves about how stupid and drunk they are. Bill assures the instigator that he is all right and was not offended by being told how bad an actor he is, but the thing escalates. In the midst of it all, Bullock thanks him again for being there to help out with the building. "Charlie encourages me being in your company," Bill says. "He feels you're a positive influence." Aw. Meanwhile, the second drunk hoople is rambling on about something, like an idiot, and Bill is fairly polite about asking him to move along, but he won't. Charlie puts it more plainly, and finally Bill has to say that he's tired of listening to the guy. The dude gets mad and pulls the whole you're-not-so-great thing, saying he hopes Bill gets what's coming to him, "and I hope it's sooner, rather than later." Nice work, stalker. He wanders off listing out a bunch of things he hopes happen to Bill: 1) getting gut-shot; 2) dying slow; 3) dying there in Deadwood.

Well, you know, it puts a damper on the little construction party. Can't a few guys drive in a few nails with their buddies without getting maligned by passersby? Charlie tries to salvage it by acting like nothing really happened, but Bill's had enough. He deserts them to "play some poker and drink some whiskey."

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