Reconnoitering The Rim

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Reconnoitering The Rim

Up in Al's office, Al is giving E.B. the extreme third degree, trying to suss out whether or not E.B. knew about or was involved in the Bella Union coming to town. E.B. is shaking like a leaf. A sweaty leaf.

Out on the mountain, Ellsworth has made camp, and sees Brom and Dan heading up to the Garret claim. "Well," he says to his faithful dog, "the great prospector's found his second wind."

Al is now putting the slow burn on E.B. They have an intense round about trust -- Al says that, if he wanted to, he could burn down the whole fucking camp. E.B. tells him he was over at the Bella Union doing recon, trying to find out everything he could for Al. Finally, though, because Al is being so eerily silent, E.B. cracks. "Listen to me...listen to me," he sweats, "I was the go-between. It was me. But without malicious intentions!"

We leave E.B. in tears as we cut back to the mountainside. Brom and Garret have climbed up to the rim of the ridge. "Well," Garret says, "I confess to being winded." He's smiling as he turns to his prospecting helper, but sees a look in the other's eyes that he translates immediately. "Oh, no...Dan," he says, "no." He cries out for his mother as Dan throws him off the cliff.

Equally painful is E.B. as he explains to Al that it was simple greed that allowed him to be the go-between for the Bella Union. Al still hasn't said a word, but E.B. asks for mercy. "If you're gonna murder me," he says, "I'd appreciate a quick dying, and not getting et by the pigs, in case there is resurrection of the flesh." Way to cover your heavenly bases, E.B.

Al ponders it all for a moment, and then leans in close. "Stay friendly with them cocksuckers," he says. For the fiftieth time that day, E.B. has to ask the rhetorical question: "With them Bella Union people?" Al: "Can't help yourself, can you?"

Back at the claim, Dan has slid down the rockface to see to Brom. He finds Garret groaning on the ground with...a huge piece of ACTUAL GOLD in his hand. Oops. Looking furtively around, Dan says to no one: "You fell...but you'll be all right." Dan shines his light around the rocks again and sees the abundance of gold there to be had. With his only witness being Ellsworth, secretly watching from the bushes, Dan finishes the job, smashing Garret's head down on the rock to kill him.

At the Bella Union, Bill has found a new poker table. Cy speaks to his faro dealer, Leon, and it is revealed that though he is high on Al's dope, he's double-agenting for Cy. Al is having all his loyalties tested today.

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