Reconnoitering The Rim

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Reconnoitering The Rim

In Doc's cabin, Jane and Charlie are leaning over their charge, the little squarehead girl, whom they have been caring for since spiriting her away to keep her safe from Al. They're worried that she has a fever, which Doc says she does, being wolf-bit, and all. Jane and Charlie look on nervously as Doc explains that they can leave her in town, now, since Al is no longer a threat to her. The two babysitters are surprised to hear this. Doc explains that the concern was that Al would want to kill her to keep her from telling everyone that road agents killed her family, thus keeping people from asking by whom the road agents were employed. Which would be him. Al. Why is everything in Deadwood so complicated? This doesn't happen, like, in Everwood. There aren't seven layers to every problem in that town.

Anyway, as Doc tells Jane and Charlie, Al has taken "a different approach to the problem." Uh, yeah. By killing the whole road agent gang. Voila! Problem solved.

Doc is glad they've brought the little girl in, anyway, since she'll do better indoors. Charlie says he's told Jane that he'll give up his room at the hotel to her so she can keep the child there, but Jane gets mad. "I will not stay in that fucking hotel," she yells. "They don't want me; they won't give me a room!" Doc shushes them, telling them to keep their voices down, and as he doses the girl with some unknown potion, they all hover over her, smiling sweetly. Smug, Jane whispers that she's warned Charlie about making noise, as he "snores the whole fucking night." Ah! Perhaps Charlie has sleep apnea, a disorder upon which I will speechify at even the merest mention of the word "snore." If you or someone you love snores, by God you'd better look at that link, or I will come to your house and creep up beside you in your sleep like a road agent!

Oh, hello. Yes, I'm in the middle of a recap.

Outside, Bullock is walking down the thoroughfare with Rev. Smith, who is explaining that he was a field nurse during the war, at Shiloh and Second Manassas. "That was...a good deal of violence," he says. Bullock gives a knowing nod and asks the holy man if that's when he got his "calling" to be a minister. The Rev. says yes, that out of all that horror, the Lord directed his steps. "He directeth all our steps, Mr. Bullock," he says, turning to his new friend. "All of us." Bullock stops and grins a little. "If you're preaching at me, Reverend, you need to put a little more light on the text." Come on, Bullock, if anybody went to Sunday School, you did. Quit hiding your light under a bushel. And by "bushel," I mean your mustache. The Rev. assures Bullock that if he is preaching at him, he's not fulfilling his calling at all.

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