Reconnoitering The Rim

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Reconnoitering The Rim

Back over in the Grand Central dining room, Wild Bill and Charlie are suffering through an uncomfortable meeting with Brom Garret; Garret is trying to get Bill to help him out with what he believes to be his case against Al, who he believes duped him into purchasing a worthless claim. Now, he's right, of course, Al did that, but...Bill, along with the rest of us, is wondering just what Garret thinks he's going to do about it. "The way you tell it, mister," Bill says, "the man didn't sell you that claim holding a gun to your head." Bill's hair looks particularly luxurious in this scene, I just want to point out.

Brom goes on again about how he was duped and it isn't fair and how he got his hands dirty, boo hoo, working out in his claim for two days, or whatever, without finding any gold. Charlie speaks for all of us when he tells Brom that it sounds like he's up shit creek. Garret, though, still wants to try and offer a bounty on the men who cheated him. Bill ain't biting, though. "Sorry you lost your money, mister," he says, "but I ain't for hire to rob it back." Brom tries a few more times to get his point across, but Charlie finally has to shoot him down, explaining that Tim Driscoll's room has a fresh blood stain in it, causing one to wonder if these accomplices who worked with him to dupe Garret are perhaps too dangerous to deal with. Brom says he quite understands, but it's obvious to his companions that he so very clearly does not. "I don't think he took your point," Bill says, "quite." Charlie takes a sip of his coffee as they watch Brom leave: "I think he quite missed it."

Bill gets up to leave, saying he's going to pass out from his all-night poker playing. Charlie remarks that when he was coming into camp this morning, he ran into Bullock. They have a little chat about Bullock and how great he is. "What would you think of us and him and his friend having dinner tonight?" Charlie asks. Bill wants to know why -- he is most likely skeptical about Charlie's intentions, trying to set him up with straight-edge friends. Charlie says that people gotta eat, right? "And maybe you'd enjoy sitting with someone who wasn't looking to beat you at cards," he continues, "or blow your fuckin' head off." Bill gives him an eyebrow and says that's true enough, and to mark him down for a yes.

In his office at the Gem, Al's on a rant. He's pissed he had no advance warning about the Bella Union rolling in, and bites E.B.'s head off when he slimily remarks that yes, knowing in advance would have been a good thing. "Do not repeat back to me what I just said in different fucking words," Al says. "Now, I want to know..." The gathered lackeys lean forward to listen... "Who cut the cheese?"

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