Requiem For A Gleet

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Requiem For A Gleet
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Morning dawns in Deadwood, and the Bullocks are just waking up. Well, Mr. Bullock is waking up; it looks like maybe Martha has been awake for a while. He sits up, groggy, saying he's misplaced his boots. His wife explains that she had moved his boots down by the kitchen door. "I was asleep," he says, uh, sleepily, "when you took 'em and did that." She says yes, and asks if he'd rather she had not done that. He says no, it's just that he hadn't intended to fall asleep before they could talk, "which -- what with how it's been -- we have not done in the peace of the evening, as I'd like, since your arrival."

They are sitting with their backs to each other, both keeping to their own sides of the bed. Martha says, and I quote, "I would enjoy to converse in the stillness, after the day, like that." Sweet, but a little stilted. Bullock says that tonight he'll have TWO cups of coffee so that he can stay awake. The conversation now takes a turn. It's been a bit tense up to this point, and we're about to learn why.

"In the morning," Martha says, "in the quiet before we each take up our also a pleasant occasion for such intercourse."

Without turning, he tilts his head toward her, and quietly says, "Yes." She asks if he'd like to "start a discussion this morning." They're still not looking at each other. Bullock seems slightly clenched about it all -- not worried, exactly, but there's something there. Maybe it's about Mrs. Garret, but I gotta tell you, he's not saying no, or looking like he wants to. "I wouldn't," he answers slowly, "want to disturb the boy." Lowering her voice a register, she tells him, "William sleeps soundly," and I'm thinking to myself how awesome it is that we are about to see some hot Husband and Wife ACTION up in here, as she tells him to "see to the door." He does, indeed, get up and close the door, and DAMN YOU, MILCH, we cut away.

Al's condition has only worsened since we last saw him. He is shivering in pain, receiving a sponge-down from Trixie and Dolly. Dolly asks if her thumb treatment has brought Al to this condition. Trixie snaps that "first, the dead don't shiver." She goes on to point out that Dolly had just done what Al had asked her to do, and that "ain't it more likely what turned him worse was his underlying woe than a thumb up his ass attempting his fuckin' relief?" Dolly is duly chastised, and leaves, while Trixie returns to her ministrations to the very janked-up Al. He's shaking hard and looking into her face and it is killing me.

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