Sold Under Sin

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Sold Under Sin
Al shivers in the cold morning as he stands on his balcony, looking hard down the thoroughfare. Bringing his boss his morning tea, Dan is smart enough not to talk. Who knows what's on his mind, there are so many possibilities, but it could be...

...Reverend Smith who, at this same moment, is in the throes of his brain tumor, involuntarily shaking, muttering what sounds like a letter to his wife as Doc sits silently by, working on Jewel's boot. Between verses of Psalm 44, a gorgeous piece of Biblical poetry in which David admonishes God for abandoning him, the Rev speaks of important personal matters. He's laid by $68, he says. "I hope to be home soon, Amanda," he mumbles in closing. "I'll help with the cider pressing." Doc rushes now to the poor man as he goes into a big seizure, and the sadness overwhelms him to the point where he has to step outside his shack and cover his face while he sobs. He is greeted by the arrival of none other than the hated Magistrate Claggett, accompanied by some other men. Al sees this, too, and is not happy. "Tell Johnny to brew some coffee," he orders Dan, resigned. "[And to] open some peaches."

"Who are they?" Johnny asks Dan, looking through the curtains. Dan tells him it's the magistrate, and "some in soldier's saddles." Johnny smirks, saying Al knew all along they were coming. "Well," Dan says, "he knew somethin' was coming." Johnny nods, looking again to the balcony where even the back of Al's head looks worried. "I'd about decided," the goof says, "that he just couldn't sleep without Trixie."

Downstairs, Al meets with the magistrate and General Crook, who, Claggett points out, "bears victory's garland for having routed the Miniconjou at Slim Buttes." Al feigns interest, giving the General a "well done." The General narrows his eyes at Al, asking if he's right to recognize him from last year in the hills. "Amongst them that you gave the boot to?" Al snarks. "You said you'd see us back once the treaty got amended." Claggett jumps back in, saying that that whole treaty thing is, actually, about to happen. He says the genera is on his way now to Fort Robinson to do some other impressive General thing. We don't hear what, because Johnny, in a whispered aside to Dan at the bar, says he's surprised Al hasn't already jerked Claggett up by the scruff of his neck. Seriously, it must agitate Al to no end that this guy isn't dead yet. The General says he's brought his men to Deadwood for some rest and to resupply, but that he is not interested in them getting full use of Deadwood's, you know, facilities. He's extremely concerned about desertion, he says. Al says he'll make his feelings known to the other operators in town. As the General and his officers go off to sample the luxury of the bathhouse, Al stops him. "For those that avenged Custer," he says, "if it ain't too dissolute, the camp will want a parade." General Crook rolls his eyes, but finally and unwillingly says that a parade would be all right.

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