The Catbird Seat

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The Catbird Seat

Who ain't happy? Bullock, who has finally arrived at the Gem. Al gives it to him straight, but quietly. "Ellsworth's murdered," he says. "Head-shot at the Garret find." Bullock is so beyond clenching he's practically relaxed. Mostly, he looks devastated. "Your partner's sweetheart," Al says, probably a little proudly, "put one in Hearst's shoulder." Bullock asks where Alma is. "Above with the child," Al tells him, and as Bullock moves to the stairs, reminds him softly again that Sophia's up there. "I fucking heard ya," Bullock says, sadly, and goes up. "He once had something to do with her," Al says to Langrishe, quietly filling him in on the Bullock/Alma history. "Reason for his making the case she sell," Jack suggests, "keep her here for another swing." Al pours himself a shot and stares up after Bullock. "Reason," he says, "ain't his long suit." Bullock enters the office and goes straight to the two mourners. Sparing a look for Alma, he kneels and pulls Sophia into his arms, eventually clutching them both as they weep.

The guys downstairs sit silently and wait. I'll take a break here to say that the one thing that disappointed me in this episode was the absolute lack of emotion shown by any of these men, especially Dan, at the death of Ellsworth. I mean, I don't expect them to break down or anything, but I'd like to have seen Dan, at least, get really mad about it, knowing their history. I'm glad Trixie was the one to shoot Hearst, but I wish I could hear one of these other guys say something about it like they're glad she did it, or something. I don't know. It's a small thing. I guess when you're used to feeding your colleagues to pigs, you don't bother crying over spilled Ellsworths.

The quiet is disturbed by the sounds of a wheezing cough. Ah, Doc's arrived. "Bullet removed uneventfully," Doc announces to Al at the bar. Langrishe snarks that they should all pray Hearst avoids infection. Al asks what Hearst had to say about the shooting and Doc fills him in. He asks Al to find pretext for letting Alma know he's arrived. "Bullock's with her," Al says, as if that explains everything, like Bullock's the boss. Doc is impatient. "Shall I shout out and ask it of him?" he snaps. This pulls Al out of his reverie and he swiftly goes upstairs leaving Doc with Langrishe. "Very much in your line, this type thing?" Jack asks. Doc doesn't even blink: "Yes." The actor studies his nails. "Not to my taste at all," he says, adding that in times past, he has fled such unpleasantries.

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