The Catbird Seat

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The Catbird Seat

Upstairs, Bullock is still holding Sophia when Al enters. "Doc's here," he says pointedly to Alma. "Someone fell." She excuses herself and walks out. Sophia pulls away from Bullock and looks at him. "I want to see Mr. Ellsworth," she says. Poor Bullock is speechless. He looks at Al who is still in the doorway. They share a moment of sadness before Al goes out as well.

Elsewhere, Doc sits with Alma on some hidden Gem settee. The corner is dark and their heads are lowered. She has been discussing Sophia's sad request. "Are you certain," Doc asks, "that she saw her family dead?" Alma gasps, thinking of what Sophia has already been through in her short life. "Yes," she says. "I certainly assume she did."

Downstairs, Langrishe performs nothing short of a pledge of allegiance to his old campaigner. "The man I once was, Al, was not formidable, and I am but his shadow now," he tells Al. "And yet," he adds, placing his hand on his friend's arm, "I'd be put to use. A decoy, perhaps. A weight to drop on villains from above." Now that would be a strategy Hearst never saw coming. Human sandbags! Hell, Al, why not drop the whole acting troupe on him, for all the good they're doing otherwise?

Back on the couch, Doc and Alma review the circumstances of Sophia's arrival in Deadwood. Doc's pretty sure, he says, that Sophia's family hid her in the bushes before the massacre occurred and that she saw none of it. "For the child to have been found having been savaged by wolves, those hours later by strangers," he says, "and then taken away having never seen her family again, living or dead..." Mrs. Ellsworth cries. She knows what she has to do.

Charlie is restless downstairs, leaning up against the stair railing, trying to soothe his aching back. Langrishe notices and approaches him, shot in hand. "I can fix that," he says, raising his own glass in a toast: "Slainte." Charlie nods, and sits down to drink at the table where the rest of the fellas give him some good-natured ribbing. "Thought you was near pitching a tent and setting up housekeeping over on that first step," Dan teases him. The sudden turn in mood cracks Adams up so much he actually snorts. "You sound like a pig my cousin run off with," Charlie jokes back and they all have a little laugh. It occurs to me that I've never actually seen any of these guys really laugh. Must be gallows humor. I am glad, though, that they're being pals with Charlie. This little army is coming together nicely. Charlie asks for another drink and Dan gets him one, playing the "psyche" game by pulling it away at the last second before finally handing it over. They all snicker again and Charlie toasts them before throwing it back.

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