The Catbird Seat

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The Catbird Seat

Al's considering Jack's suggestion of earlier. "If that cocksucker hadn't shareholders," he drones to Langrishe, "you could murder him while you adjusted his back." Jack gets a sage look. "Serpent's teeth, shareholders," he says. "Ten thousand would rise to replace him."

Upstairs, Sophia comforts herself by stroking Bullock's mustache. It's... not as gross or creepy as I just made it sound. Alma comes in, having made her decision with Doc. "All right, darling," she gently tells Sophia. "All right." Bullock picks the girl up and carries her out. Seeing them emerge, something occurs to Al. He asks for Jack's counsel. "Monitor my thinking, Jack," he asks. "Had Hearst wanted this woman killed, she'd be dead already." Langrishe agrees. So, Al figures, that for the moment, it is safe to let Alma and Sophia leave. "I would, sir," Jack agrees again, removing his hat as the other men in the room stand as the three come downstairs. Bullock says he's going to take Mrs. Ellsworth home. Alma pauses and then very directly and firmly extends her hand to Al. "I wish to thank you again, Mr. Swearengen," she says, making Al a little uncomfortable. He's not used to being thanked. Or liked. Alma looks at Bullock and Sophia and tells him that they are all very grateful. Then, deliberately, she takes Sophia's hand, removes her from Bullock's clutches and hands the sheriff back his hat. On the way out, Langrishe bows to Alma, wishing her his heartfelt condolences. "I get to see Mr. Ellsworth tomorrow," Sophia says, and Jack smiles at her. "Very good, young lady," he says. "God bless." Meanwhile, Al has explained to a confused Bullock that Trixie is with Sol over at his place. He suggests that Bullock might want to stand guard outside Mrs. E's. Bullock nods, saying he'll take Charlie as backup. "No, no," Al insists. "Hearst ain't gonna be coming for her." But, he adds, if it will encourage her to sell her claim, it might be best if Bullock made her think he was. "Not to jeopardize the tranquility of your own hearth," Al tacks on, preparing for Bullock to go into full clench over his former predilections. But, actually, Bullock has little reaction. Instead, the sheriff looks at Alma, pauses, and turns back to Al, sincerely thanking him, again, for looking after Alma and Sophia. They leave, followed by Charlie. "Nimbleness, lad. Dexterity," Langrishe says, complimenting Al on his handling of the situation. That's all well and good, Al smirks, but he'd prefer having the gun advantage in this showdown, instead of Hearst. "True, true," Jack consoles him. "The world is less than perfect." Ain't it the fucking truth?

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