The Catbird Seat

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The Catbird Seat

In his rooms, Hearst meets with the rider we just saw passing the flatulent Harry. Hearst is quite pleased that no one noticed him come into town. "I'd keep from the camp that your janissaries have arrived." Y'all, "janissaries"? Please understand that I had to whip out the closed captioning for that one. What are we going to do after next week for all our new word learning? I expect my growing crossword acumen to seriously suffer. I know my husband is going to come downstairs two Sundays from now to find me, unwashed and wandering, in full Deadwood withdrawal tremors, the Bible in one hand and a desk reference book in the other, mumbling some shit like "blah blah blah...River Styx...Lot's wife...Custer...fair Juliette...the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam..."

The meeting per se is in full swing back at the hardware store. Sol summarizes what we've missed and suggests a solution: "Under very specific circumstances we'll wire you to make early return." Bullock, glad that someone, anyone, has come up with something, clenches meaningfully that yes, that's exactly it. Unfortunately, that one brainwave is all Sol's got. "And those [circumstances]... would be?" he asks, as they all look expectantly at the silent Bullock. It takes him a minute before he starts a list. First of all, "any further shooting out of the ordinary." Charlie nods, saying especially if the shooting is at Alma. Secondly, Bullock lists "Hearst-initiated horseshit of any sort." Sol wonders aloud if Bullock should even bother trying to make it to Sturgis for the speeches. "Hearst-initiated bullshit is inevitable," Trixie points out, in agreement. They all fall silent, knowing this is true. Langrishe tries to liven the mood. "Surely, sir," he boosts Bullock's ego, "you leave in the certain knowledge that you are the camp's irreplaceable man." Trixie all but snorts: "He don't need no further encouragement in that way of thinking." Nice one, Trixie. Charlie mentions that, should it come to sending a wire, that someone else might be better suited for the job. "I put that Russian ill at ease," he says. Sol quietly remarks that he does all right with Blazanov and Al makes move to exit. "My meetings," he shoots back over his shoulder to those gathered, "I provide refreshments."

Hearst is still meeting with his new Pinkertons. "You were shown the tent of the man I want killed first?" he smugly confirms, and the brick nods somewhat reluctantly. Siiiigh. I know we've seen it coming, but this is going to send me down for the count.

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