The Catbird Seat

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The Catbird Seat

But it's not over yet. Realizing what she's done, she throws the Derringer into a water bucket and makes her way to the hardware store, breathless. "Give me your fucking poot butt gun," she cries to Sol. He sees she's freaked and asks why. "Fucking shoot me with it if you don't!" she demands and he desperately asks what's going on. "Ellsworth's murdered," she sobs hysterically, "and I fucking shot Hearst, and I don't think I killed him! Shoot me or he'll do for all of us!" Sol takes her by the shoulders as she begs repeatedly for him to shoot her. He grabs her and pushes her out the door towards the Gem.

At the Bella Union, the intensity of the morning has sent Cy around the bend. He takes it out on his whores, verbally assaulting them all down the line and ripping up their fancy outfits. The shots are fast so I can't be sure, but I think one of these girls is Tess, who is played by Powers Boothe's daughter. Um, I know that acting is a craft and an art and all that, but I'd be hard pressed to call my own child a c*nt right to her face, no matter the role. I hope it's another girl, damn. Anyway, he's upset -- perhaps Cy is realizing his allegiances to Hearst have been misplaced all along? See what happens when you cheat on Al?

Meanwhile, the day goes on as usual out in Sturgis, where Bullock is just beginning his speech, telling the local hooples about how he and Sol came to Deadwood in '76, yadda yadda, hardware bidness. He is interrupted by the arrival of a telegram which is passed up to him through the crowd. "I will venture my life," he says, as the telegram is handed over, "that law-abiding persons will be secure in their rights and their property." And on that note, he reads the message, and heads out just that.

As Bullock takes off for Deadwood, E.B. races into the Gem yelling "he's dead!" Dan looks confused and asks who he means. "Hearst!" E.B. answers, hysterical. "And at my hands, or the next thing to it!" Dan is shocked. "BOSS!" he hollers upstairs where Al is sitting with Mrs. Ellsworth. Al excuses himself, saying that the gimp is on her way up with breakfast. He realizes that what he has said might have been too harsh, and corrects himself: "Jewel." Downstairs, the fellas are wigging out as the camera spins around the room and E.B. explains what happened at the hotel. "E.B. said Trixie killed Hearst!" Dan calls up as Al emerges from his office. Al pauses at the rail and contemplates the possibilities. Of course, he realizes immediately that he probably couldn't be so lucky to have the asshole really be finished off. "You saw him dead?" he asks E.B, skeptical. E.B. has to admit that he didn't. Al sighs the sigh of the damned and asks how bad he was hurt, then. E.B., batting zero, says he's not sure. "Well, how bad did Trixie say he was hurt?" Johnny raves. E.B.'s beginning to flip out, for real. He really, really needs Hearst to be dead; otherwise, his little performance at the hotel is going to come back to bite his ass. "If he wasn't hurt," he panics, "wouldn't I have seen him pursue her?" Al offers no comfort. "What you mean is," he spits, "she might not have fucking shot him at all!"

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