The Catbird Seat

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The Catbird Seat

The hateful truth appears now in the thoroughfare as Hearst strides out, gripping his shoulder, but obviously not badly hurt. "Four steps removed," he grunts to his Pinkertons. "No fucking closer." Whatever, tough guy.

From his post in front of the saloon, Adams sees all and calls to Al who goes to the door as E.B. continues to go to pieces. Dan finally tells him to shut up as they all step outside to see Hearst on his march down the alley. Shit. "I'm a dead man," E.B. says, distraught. Al, dryly: "You ain't gonna be alone."

Back inside, Sol and Trixie have come in the rear entrance. "I've made this fucking walk before," Trixie says, still beside herself. Sol says all right and pushes her into the side room, telling her to wait there until he gets Al. "Then you get out!" she screams, sobbing anew. "Get out with your hovering and fuckin' clucking! Before hell breaks fuckin' loose."

Y'all, it is kind of breaking loose, and the only one holding it together is Al. Sol, who is a wreck, sees him and tells him that Trixie's in back. "Your idea, her coming here?" Al asks and Sol goes a bit too far with the backchat. "My fucking idea," he shrills, "after she did what she did. Was it your idea to have her do that?" Now, it should be some indication as to the magnitude of the hell-breaking that Al doesn't jump down his neck right here. Instead, he holds up a calming hand and goes to see Trixie, who is falling apart. He looks at her a moment in the open doorway and sighs and, almost sweetly, calls her a "loopy fucking c*nt." As terms of endearment go, I've heard better, but you can't ask for much more from Al.

That is the extent of their meeting, because, just now, Charlie rushes in with Sophia. He goes straight to the stairs, having to bypass Jewel who has just come out with the breakfast tray. Frustrated, Johnny tries to take the tray up, himself. "No, you fucking won't," Jewel says and tries to go quickly up the stairs. Of course, she doesn't move too fast and finally Dan and Johnny have had enough. The hand their shotguns off to Adams, who hands them off to E.B., take Jewel by the elbows and carry her, tray and all, up to Al's office. There's quite a crowd in there. Al and Sol enter to find everyone staring sadly at Alma as she comforts Sophia. It's a moving picture. Sol removes his hat and no one speaks until Jewel turns and sighs, saying she's going to get another breakfast plate.

Jane and Joanie have come to the schoolhouse, having no doubt seen Charlie spirit Sophia away from there. As the children work on their lessons, Martha whispers to the women that she doesn't know what's going on. Jane throws up her hands. "Rely that something fucked has transpired..." she whispers, too loudly for Joanie and Martha's tastes. "With Mose God knows where, and me likely needed in camp..." she goes on, wanting to get in on the action. Martha and Joanie tell her to go ahead, that they can watch out for the kids. Jane starts to go. "Trouble jumps off, ring the bell," she says. "That'll bring me fucking running." Before she can leave, though, she gives a last glance at the children. She can't abandon her buddies – she likes them damn school kids. "Or," she decides, "I guess maybe I'll just stay instead."

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