The Trial Of Jack McCall

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The Trial Of Jack McCall

Back at the Bella Union, Eddie has a confession to make. "May I confide?" he says to Cy. "I've never been laid in Nebraska." Cy acknowledges that it helps to unburden oneself. Hee. Eddie asks Cy what he sent Joey to get, but Cy ain't telling. They're interrupted when Joanie comes downstairs, all dressed up. "It's quiet," she says. "I thought I'd see Hickok buried." They have a little power struggle about it, and she goes out, shaking her head. "Conscience-struck," Cy says. "Needs to sing a hymn." Eddie nods. "She liked Andy," he says, and Cy flatly responds that he did, too.

Doc is in the back of his shack when Trixie knocks. She says that a few years ago she took powders for cramping -- she wants more, but is not sure what was in them. She says they were brownish in color and she put them in her tea. "Well, if it's the monthlies," he says, "I generally prescribe a day or two of laudanum to help with the cramps." Ohhh, if only my own doctor was as forward-thinking. Of course, I have my own home remedy for cramps and that is Tylenol plus Diet Coke from the can, not the bottle. I'll use Diet Coke to cure anything, though. I know it has cocaine in it -- it always makes me feel better to drink it, so don't try to tell me it doesn't. Anyway, Trixie says that it was coming off the laudanum that gave her the cramps in the first place. Doc is worried that she's taken it back up again, but Trixie says no, "It's the rich woman who wants to stop." Doc: "And what's that to you?" Trixie: "Or to you, why I'd be interested?" Doc knows when he's beaten and goes to his herbs, pulling off sprigs of this and that and going to grind them up. Trixie thanks him, and Doc says it's the least he can do, considering what's coming (meaning, no doubt, the showdown he can foresee brewing between Mrs. G and Al over the gold claim). Trixie wonders what he's talking about, and with a twinkle in his eye, Doc asks, "What would that be to you?"

At the Gem, the jury has returned from their deliberations. All is quiet when the judge asks for the verdict. The foreman declares the slack-jawed McCall "innocent," and Merrick rushes out while the crowd goes straight for the bar. Nodding, Al turns to Dan: "Don't ever knock this camp to me." Rev. Smith is really warming to his sermon at Bill's graveside. He's cranking out the letter to the Corinthians at full volume, feeling every word and trying to get across to the heathens among him that all people should care for each other, and that when one person suffers, all suffer with him. "I believe in God's purpose, not knowing it," he says. "I ask Him, moving in me, to allow me to see His will. I ask Him, moving in others, to allow them to see it." Bullock remains clenched throughout, not appreciating the Rev's pointed words. They sing "How Firm a Foundation" as the coffin is lowered into the ground. It's lovely, but I've got to nitpick -- why have this vast church music knowledge and never use it? -- I don't like that there's a guitar and fiddle up there at the graveside. That is highly unlikely, and it is even more unlikely that those gathered would be used to singing hymns with such instruments. Plus, the hymn's too slow -- I know these people are a bunch of outlaws, but somebody's granny must have taught them shaped-note singing, come on. I know. It's a stupid nitpick, especially considering the pretty touch it gives the scene, so...just ignore me. Bullock helps lower in the coffin and is looking like he's close to losing it when Merrick comes over to make it all worse: "They turned him loose," he says, tears on his cheeks. "They turned him loose." Those gathered sing on as Merrick sneezes uncontrollably, and Jane watches from a nearby hill, crying.

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