The Trial Of Jack McCall

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The Trial Of Jack McCall

In line to see Bill's body, Bullock can't deal with Soapy's hollering about the hair of the "dead heathen," on sale now. A guy behind him in line chooses the wrong moment to chat him up about the great boots Bullock sold him from the hardware store, and clenching out a "glad you're satisfied," Bullock charges over to Soapy and tells him to "cut that shit out." Soapy is nonplussed, saying there's no law against what he's doing. "No law either," Bullock says, "against me breaking your fucking jaw [if] you don't quit it." He snatches the stuff from Soapy and throws it in the fire, then turning on Tom Nuttall about this whole Bill-on-display thing going on. "Got him out here like some goddamn circus freak!" Tom says that whoa, he's not making money off this, that people just wanted to see Bill and pay their respects. He had tried, he says, to put him in a more discreet location, but the tent got trampled. Bullock is still mad, and stalks off.From above, like some Old West version of Statler and Waldorf, Al and Cy are still at it. "Man has a powerful temper," Cy says of Bullock. Al nods. "That hardware cocksucker," he says, "has been an ongoing pain in my balls since him and his partner showed up." Cy changes the subject, slyly asking if Al knows where the heathen's head ended up after the guy rode into town with it. "Yeah," Al says, "I don't know." I'm not sure why Al wants to keep this info from Cy, but he does, and smarts that if it's that important to Cy, he can look it up in his diary from yesterday. Oh, how I'd love to see Al's diary. "Monday: Had to kill a cocksucker today who was getting on my nerves. Why won't these hoopleheads ever learn? Note to self: beat whores on Wednesday." Al changes the subject, saying that as far as the trial of Bill's killer goes, he has no problem having the Gem act as host. "Loss of revenues, notwithstanding," he says, playing the magnanimous type. Happy as he is to host it, he tells Cy it's just about the dumbest thing the camp can do. He's worried that if the U.S. government hears they are holding legal trials, Deadwood's chances at being annexed will be in jeopardy. "We start holding trials," he asks, "what's to keep the United States fucking Congress from saying, 'Oh, excuse us, we didn't realize you were a fucking sovereign community and nation out there. Where's your cocksucker's flag; where's your fucking navy or the like?'" He goes on to say that when the government makes the treaty with the Sioux, they may treat the Deadwood residents like renegades, denying their gold and property claims. "That," Cy is certain, "we don't want." Al sighs. "But," he says, "if we're gonna have the fucking thing, might as well have it in my joint, huh?" Poor Al. His control issues are so over the top, he even has to control the shit he hates.

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