The Trial Of Jack McCall

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The Trial Of Jack McCall

In a dirty room in the dirty saloon, Trixie has a smoke while she looks out the window. Al walks in and tells her to clean up. "Am I on jury duty?" she jokes, and while it makes me giggle, I have to wonder how a woman with that many bruises on her face can give even the most minor backchat to He Who Stands On Necks. Al explains how he wants her to go and "help" the widow with the little girl. "[She's] a dope fiend," he says, reaching in his pocket. "She's been drinking it." He puts the ball of heroin in her hand and suggests Trixie "help her expand her horizons."Life has moved on at the Bella Union when Doc returns. He is surprised that there is no longer a guard outside of Room Eight. "Yeah," Cy drones, "Room Eight left." Doc is incredulous. "Borne by angels?" he asks, and Cy tells him to go on, that he doesn't have Room Eight to worry about anymore. Doc is not having it, though. "Sir," he says, with intensity, "I have no vaccine for the sickness the man in Room Eight 'didn't' have." He says that the closest place that has the vaccine is Ft. Kearny, and remarks with pointed sarcasm that if Cy wants to do anything remedy the epidemic "that you have no reason to believe will break out," then he ought to send someone over there right away. Cy smarms that if he sends someone, he'll let Doc know, but again, Doc just doesn't have time for this anti-public-health stance. In extreme frustration, he smacks the cashier's cage that separates them. "If you don't, and I have to," he says, "that will be known to every damn person in this camp!" With this, Doc snatches his hat and stomps out, leaving Cy with yet another problem to solve. He turns to another of his thugs. "Joey," he says, "have you ever had Nebraska pussy?" Joey, who looks like a slightly shorter but swarthier Dermot Mulroney, says that to his knowledge, he has not. Cy feigns shock and calls out Eddie from the backroom to hear this incredible news. Eddie, as always, plays along. "True or not, Eddie," Cy says, "when a man wets his end in Nebraska pussy, his life is changed forever." Joey smiles to hear this, and smiles even more when Eddie poetically confirms: "Speaking only for myself, I still mark the anniversary." I think this is my favorite Cy scene of this whole series, and it is made all the greater by the genius of Ricky Jay, who plays Eddie. He's a sly little man. Joey is all for it. "Well," he says, "point me in the right direction." They congratulate him on his healthy attitude and prepare to send him off.

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